These people keep calling but never leave a message. In the last couple of weeks these numbers have called. . wireless caller 224-545-5813 and no info shown except unknown name - 312-492-4309 , Illinois - 312-470-6679, illinois 773-598-5719, 716-990-6232, illinois 312-470-6696, toll free 1-800-531-5000, illinois 312-470-6656, unknown name 224-374-1360, antioch illinois 847-603-4524

I have called to find how who they are and the name of the business said is not intellgible - muffled- but sounds like Danania & assoc - something like that (I am just guessing at the spelling) and if they go on to say by continuing to listen you are agreeing to talk to them and that their business in part deals with debt collection blah blah. We have never received any mail from this entity to anyone else . We have no outstanding debts. Zilch, nada I called one number, listed to their introductory message and got a customer service person. I told them I don’t know who they are, they never leave a message, we have received no communication from them, we are on the do not call list, I am not agreeing to have any communication with them, and to stop calling us, and all of these numbers are being reported to the federal do not call list for violating the do not call law, and reporting them for violating the fair debt collection practices law. The woman I talked to was rude and wouldn’t say who the business is. Although they do not warrant a call back, call and talk to a customer service and do as I do and say the same. Then Report them for violating the debt collection practices law.

And if you haven't put your name on the do not call list, do so right away. All numbers including cell numbers opt out of all credit card company info sharing with non required 3rd parties.

Sounds like another Midland Credit?
 Aug 14th, 2013