Three calls today, three calls yesterday...
* calls within the day are almost exactly two hours apart (off by only a few minutes)
* the calls always at the same time across days - within one to three minutes of the previous day's call times.

This can be nothing but a robocall.
Auto-blocked by - thank you. :-)

(WCU) - +12242200795 - 1-224-220-0795 - 2242200795 - 1-224-220-0795 - 224-220-0795
 May 05th, 2016
Calls daily, if they don't show a company name...I won't answer.
 Jul 30th, 2013
These assholes call me every 2 hours all day long. It's harrassment. I have filed a complaint with the do not call registry and they are STILL calling me. I have no clue who they are. They won't ID themselves. I hope they ROT!!!!!
 May 27th, 2013