A man with an Indian accent stated that he wanted to speak with my sister who no longer lives here. I took a message for her. He said to have her call him back at 866-506-2667 and use ID# 828910. He said that she should ask to speak to Mr. Mayur (he spelled it for me) at ext. 52259. I didn't anwser the phone the first two times that he called because I did not recognize the number. I anwsered it the third time because I was annoyed with the repetive calling. He called earlier this week (I recognized the voice) but did not leave a message at that time. He states that the call is being monitored for quality control. I asked him what the call was in reference to and which business he was with so I could tell my sister but stated that he couldn't tell me because it was business related. I do not want to recieve call from this number but I don't believe that he will stop. Number that showed up on my caller ID was 223-051-6100.
 Sep 28th, 2008
Answered the phone after 3rd call n a row. A man asked if my spouse was avialable. i said no and man asked if he had an alternate phone. Didn't give him any info and he hung up. I heard this phone number is from India and it could be a scam. Also right after I got off the phone it rang again with a 223 number. When I answered there was no one there
 Sep 28th, 2008
nco collection
 Aug 16th, 2007