they've called 9 times so far today! I refuse to answer- a neighbor got a call from them, thank heavens she asked me before she did anything! They love to prey on the elderly and folks that don't know better!
 Aug 03rd, 2013
I finally answered because they call so much. Accent so thick all I could understand was something about Microsoft and security and computer. I told him he needed to speak better English as he made no sense and to stop calling. It's a scam. I will report the number but hopefully now they will stop calling.
 Jul 18th, 2013
No caller ID and VERY strange phone number. Did not answer.
 May 24th, 2013
JUST now....harsh male accent claiming I had massive spam on my brand new WINDOWS computer and that he could help me! I told him I had an APPLE Mac and that I had been warned of this off continent scam. He cursed and hung up.
 May 21st, 2013
I received a call from a man with a very thick indian accent he says that they keep getting "ERROR's" messages from my computer, I told him I was getting a new one. He said I didn't need too it's not a virus I told him that I didn't have time for this and the next I heard was the phone hanging up . Be careful there's a lot if scammers out there!
 May 20th, 2013
They had me convinced they were Microsoft showing that my computer had "Error's" all over and they wanted me to register my computer's OS again for $379 for 2 more years. That is when I said this is a fraud and to get lost and rebooted my system and hung up the phone.
John Sander
 Mar 22nd, 2013
I just received a call from a man with a very thick indian accent he says mam this is a very important call concerning your windows computer I said I dont have a windows computer the next thing I heard was the phone hanging up . Theres so many scammers in the world be careful people.
 Mar 19th, 2013
Same story here. Strong accent, denied being a sales call, and were from microsoft technical support. They keep calling and today, I told them that they should speak with my husband, who is a computer expert, because I dont know very much ( LOL ;)) Anyway, they hung up before my husband got on the phone.
 Mar 16th, 2013
They're claiming to be a Windows Security person and are trying to get you to do something on the computer (obviously to gain access) - it's a TOTAL SCAM - BE AWARE
 Mar 09th, 2013
A woman with a heavy Indian accent told me she was from Microsoft and that she was calling to tell me that my computer had virus's. I told her to remove me from her list, she said I can't. I told her I was on the National Do Not Call Registry and to remove me, once again she said no. I asked to speak to her supervisor, he also had a very heavy Indian accent, I told him to remove my number as I am on the NDNCL. He said no, I said I will report him. He said "I don't care if you report me nationally or internationally", I told him to stop harrassing me and to never call me again, then I hung up. I made a report with the NDNCR. These people were the rudest that I have ever encountered!
 Dec 11th, 2012
Scam!! Answered and go the same thing, they are helping me with a virus and are from microsoft. They asked me to log onto my computer as they would walk me thru the fix. I just hung up, we all know that we have to call and wait forever to get help over the phone with microsoft!
 Dec 01st, 2012
caller claimed to be with Microsoft and that they had been alerted that I had been infected with the Alureon virus. I played with them for 1/2 hr and got them to change their story several times. At one point, they read me my computer ID (don't think it was correct) and claimed they had gotten that info from HP (the maker of my computer). I told them I had already verified that I was not infected and they said that malware had been downloaded to my computer or I would not have these warnings and error messages and files that predated my purchase. Which of course is nonsense, since the files in question were from Microsoft Office software and updates and they said I was wrong, in danger and did I want the free solution-next person, went through the same thing, but tried to get me to okay a $99 charge to have them operate my computer in safe mode and download a protection from further infection. Told me a lot of lies I called them on but they kept going. I finally said "I'm not spending any more time talking to you idiots....and they hung up.
 Nov 04th, 2012
Area code 222 is Mauritania Country, which is the capital of Mauritania an emerging nation located in northwest Africa south of Algeria. They speak Arabic which might explain why they are so hard to understand.

Call came from this loser dump to Kansas at 12:33 hours CDT on 9-25-12. Call not answered and no message left. Other sites report this this scam starts with the caller alleging they are from Microsoft and that the person who answered, has a computer in the household that is infected with a virus, and... they will be able to fix it.

They have the mark go to the computer and following instructions, go to a prearranged site where Keylogger or a Trojan will be loaded onto the mark's computer. Then they mumbo jumbo Mickey Mouse, and tell you the virus is "fixed". and hang up. Later, of course, they have sucked all the ID information from your machine.

 Sep 26th, 2012
Been calling several times a day for the last week or so. I was ignoring them at first and after they kept calling, I finally decided to answer. They usually hung up on me, but today I spoke with a woman with a decidedly Indian accent who claimed to be from the "Technical Department of Windows" who further claimed they were monitoring my computer and noticed "errors and spyware" on my machine. I asked several questions like why were you monitoring my computer, who did you actually work for and why did you want me to enter commands into my computer? She finally got frustrated and hung up on me. Pure and total SCAM!!! Don't give any info to these idiots.
 Sep 13th, 2012
picked up the call twice, the person hung up
 Aug 20th, 2012
Called twice, did not answer
 Jun 11th, 2012
Rev, you did the right thing in refusing to comply. You notice how hostile the scammer got when you would not drop everything for his false urgency. They're ''calling everyone in the world'' who ever got near a MicroSoft product? Boy, that's rich, as if it's so systematic.

800Notes has a few threads on this scam. Essentially some fiend in a boiler room, usually outside the U.S., wants to coax you into dropping your firewall and security measures and play havoc with your system, possibly with the goal of then selling you the ''solution'' to the problem they caused. Worse yet they might plunder your hard drives for whatever can be sold or used against you. They count on most computer owners being ''appliance users'' who don't understand what's under the hood and being easily misled.

The awkward accents and their penchant for posing as ''MicroSoft'', and getting certain technical details wrong, are major giveaways. Often the reps become hostile and curse you out if you indicate any sort of informed resistance.
 Mar 21st, 2012
I answered via speakerphone and a room full of people. The thick Indian accent said he was calling from Microsoft and they were calling everyone in the world who uses microsoft because of a new virus on the internet. He said to hold and he would transfere me to his suppervisor. His sup came on the line and asked me a bunch of questions and then asked if I was in front of my computer. I said no, and he got rude and asked why not. I told him I didn't have time, remember I am playing to a room full of people who can hear everything. He said he could wait for me to get in front of my computer, I told him it would be a couple of hours and he said he would wait. Then he asked why I couldn't go now that this was more important, more important than what, what you are doing, how do you know? Then I hung up and checked here at whocalledus to see if anyone else knew what was going on.
Rev Alan
 Mar 21st, 2012
they call everyday, i dont pick up. would like to know, who they are.
 Feb 17th, 2012
no message left - odd number...
 Feb 08th, 2012
Did not pick up--caller left no message. I am suspicious of this unusual number!
 Feb 03rd, 2012