Many, many calls from this number. A good 3 weeks worth of memory on this phone and I am up to 22 calls after today (and the day is still young). I have no way to count all the calls before the phones "rolling" memory allows me to go back. Each new call received pushes the furthest message off into obscurity.

The ID states only the number and "Illinois Call" and the area code, if to be believed, is in Chatham which is around Springfield, (home of all the wonderful state-level politicians). The only reason I mention that is because I cannot find any lengthy complaints on this number. The fact political calls can be abusive as telemarketers makes me wonder if it is legally driven by that angle.

Anyhow, I'll throw this message up a few places and see if anyone else is incessantly hassled by the owner of 217-697-2527 as well. Thanks for the time and for any insight one might post up here as well.

 Jul 19th, 2013