The following is transcribed word for word from message left:

This message is intended to ______d _______. _____d, this is Adam Rodger(? garbled)calling you from the Department of Legal Affairs and I was trying to reach you in regards to a very (wery) important issue. This is a working notification to you in regards to the enforcement action which have been started on your name. My number is 213-437-6098 I repeat that 213-437-6098. Now if for any reason you are busy to call back, I would suggest you to have your retained attorney to do it for you as Elaine,(not the name he said at the beginning of message)calling us might end up in a legal mess for you. I hope you will take this right & call me back. This is Adam from the department of legal affairs, looking forward to speak to you. Until then have a blessed day & god bless. Good-bye.

From my experience working with accents, I would say this one was eastern Indian.
 Jan 31st, 2015