had several calls from MACYS @ 217-402-9974 over the last few days, so today decided to pick up thinking it was MACY's Dept Store. the girl on the other end told me "congratulations! you won a trip for 2 anywhere you would like to go or you can take a cruise for 2". "you also won a $2000.00 gift card that you can use immediately". "when would you like this shipped to you? mornings or evenings?" then she told me to that in order to get the package from the delivery guy, I would have to give him a personal check and write "void" on it, that is the way the delivery guy will know that I am really the person who won the prize. when I told her that i don't have checks, she told me "well, then we will have to pass this package on to the next person, bye" she hastily hung up the phone. She sounded like a very young girl, I felt bad for her that she is working for this scam. But I guess a job is a job. she said the company's name was AIG and that I must have filled out a card at the "local grocery store sometime in December of last year". What a scam! Guess I will have to pay for my own vacation now.... :(
 Aug 02nd, 2013
A man with a foreign voice said I had won a cruise and when was a good time to have Fed Ex deliver the documents morning, afternoon, or evening. I told had no idea what he was talking about and again he said I won a cruise. I told him I wasn't interested and he said he would pass it on to someone else. The caller ID said Macy's.
Rita Ingmanson
 Jul 30th, 2013
They called my land line and asked for me by name and said I submitted an entry and they are calling to tell me I won a vacation. I said, I haven't been to Macy's in over a year... no thanks and hung up.
 Jul 15th, 2013
the subject began about "" "" Land and Sea shipping? and for me to give them $5,???.-- and another dollar mentioned in the same sentence of $2,???.00. about ? an 'order?' that I had made. I immediately said that I had not ordered. [scam] and they said 'okay, we will send it back'.. I AM POSITIVE THIS WAS SCAM. CALLED THAT NUMBER BACK AND as I expected, the MSG, SAID 'NO LONGER IN USE'..
 May 01st, 2013