Sep 23rd, 2014
Jim Ryan called the house that I used to live in 10 years ago. I'm good friends with the people who live there now. He left his number with them saying that I need to call him back and that it was important. I don't call back to names and numbers I don't know. So I do a reverse look-up on the number at and I see 'The Revenue Group'. I enter the company name in a search engine and get a website. I go to the website and see that it's a debt collection agency from outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Yeah, I'm gonna call back, they get my number on caller ID, next thing I know - they're calling me ten times a day. I don't think so!!! Nice try, Jim Ryan at The Revenue Group.
 Aug 23rd, 2011
This guy was an absolute jerk. Wouldn't stop asking me certain questions which he didn't need to know the answer to. Wouldn't tell me his name just said "I already told you, the revenue group" when I asked who he was. Very rude.
 May 30th, 2007