Transworld -- collection agency
 Feb 28th, 2014
Caller ID said "Cleveland OH 1-216-592-8786" They called on Saturday January 18th 2014. Called them back using phone company's privacy code. They answered (live person) " Thank you for calling Transworld. How may I help you?"

From their website: "Since 1970, Transworld Systems has been providing tools to businesses to improve their cash flow. Our clients include small businesses, banks, hospitals, retailers, universities, cities, manufacturers - virtually any organization that accepts checks or extends credit. Our proven system helps companies recover money owed to them, and our industry-leading results earn their ongoing confidence. More than 60,000 businesses currently entrust us with their slow-pay and non-paying accounts. In return, we recover three times more money than our competitors at a fraction of the cost."
 Jan 20th, 2014