I received a call from this number from a woman asking to confirm that I was a person with a particular name -- I gave no such confirmation -- and claiming that the named person had been entered for a sweepstakes based on an electronic purchase made within the last 6-12 months. She tried numerous different approaches to get me to confirm that I was the named person, and I explicitly pointed out that I did not so confirm, and did not provide information of any kind. I stated that I was not interested in the sweepstakes, and, after a last attempt on her part to get identity confirmation, which I again did not provide, she said goodbye and hung up.

My guess is that this is actually a firm working for one or more third parties, such as collections agencies, to confirm contact information and other personal information about individuals.

I strongly recommend that anyone receiving a call from this number explicitly decline to confirm any information, including specifically pointing out that you are not agreeing or claiming that you are the person named.
 Oct 07th, 2013