They have several complaints against them in the state of Ohio. The government doesnt know how or where to find them. They set up a virtual office in OH. Both the BBB and FTC have them on record. Whats most concerning is these guys have Social Security information, at least on me they did. They cannot do anything they claim they will do (arrests, affadavits, etc). This is a SCAM! Report them immediately. Check this out as well:

Its the BBB article on them.
 Sep 27th, 2007
I have recieved 2 calls, Tina Lewis special investigator, i have a cival complaint against me they are formalizing through the county and i have been identified as a respondant and must apprear to the court affidevant and gave me a case #. I had 48 hours to respond if i did not they would file suit against me. The second call was a female could not understand her name similar things of cival complaint etc. When i called back it is a recording. Said the company was The Investigations Burero and i looked them up on states they are in OH to a PO box and their website says they are a skip tracing company. check out thier website. If they are they are breaking the law in many ways.
 Sep 13th, 2007