At first I was scared. Voice mail left by "Karen Anderson" claiming a civil complaint summons filed for me. She said it is time sensitive and if I don't respond a warrant will be issued. She left 216-373-1464 as a call back number, although 216-373-1461 was on caller ID. She also left a toll free 866-544-8397 number. I recently had my wallet stolen, so after googling these numbers and seeing what others have wrote, I am certain it is a scam. First of all I have done nothing for someone to sue, and even if I did, I think those summons still come in the mail or by currier, not on the phone. I am ignoring. You should too. I wish our legal system could find these guys and put them away for good.
 Nov 20th, 2007
I received the same call from this person. They said that they couldn't send me any information about the civil suit. Then they said if i don't pay i'm gonna go to jail.
 Aug 28th, 2007
I received the same call as Steve mentions on 4/13/07. I called the number back that she gave me 216-393-0517) in the evening to see what company it was. The voice mail is for an Investigator Perry. I agree with Steve and won't waste my time calling during the day.
 Jul 06th, 2007
Claims you have a Civil Action Pending, wants to give you a number to call regarding it. Says they do not what it is about and not able to mail you info. Any legit situation would send you something to your legal mailing address.
 Apr 13th, 2007