This guy called me saying his name was Mr. Muller from the shipping Dept. of SAT/ACT Prep Center of Wordsmart. He asked for the parent of my son "by name" and asked if he was still interested in attending college. When I told him he was he said that he was calling because my son had checked a box asking for help with the SAT tests. He then told me that it will come on 5 CDs for $169 with the normal cost being $274 and said "go ahead with your credit card number". At this point I told him that as a rule I don't give out that number and I asked for more information about who he works for and how can I contact his company he would not give me a strait answer and said that he will need to end the call and he disconnected.
 Sep 08th, 2013
ACT prep scammers
Do not Call Me
 Feb 14th, 2013