Ok - so this number comes up on my work phone (we have caller id) - they've called me every day for months now. So - I decide to listen to the automatic recorded message about "How we can help reduce your Mortgage rate". Then it says "Press 1" if you want to know more. So I press 1 (because I've already registered my office number on the do not call list - Yet they continue to call and interrupt my work day and I'd like to know why? So - I get a man on the phone who proceeds to try and tell me about this "Offer", I politely interrupt him "Excuse Me Sir" - He says "Yes, how can I help you"? I ask him "why do you continue to call my office when we're on the Do Not Call list"?. He starts to explain that it's "Random" - So, I ask him to NEVER contact me at this number and not to call this office, otherwise I'm going to file a complait.
Then, very rudely he says to me on the phone "Before I tell you to go F*ck Yourself"... STOP - Conversation ended as I hung Up on him. So - How do I file a complaint? Guess I'll click on the link below and find out. What a way for a company to try and sell services - My bet is it's Prostitution services instead of Mortgage Services. Dude should get a real job.
 Jul 30th, 2013