Caller Id has them as BC Fin Assist. Only message left was "hello, is Mick there?" I find that odd as my dad's name is Mick, but he passed away almost 2 years ago. Coincidence maybe. They called at 9 p.m. on a school night. I don't care for that.
 Apr 10th, 2014
This number showed up on the called id this afternoon. No message was left.
 Feb 07th, 2014
Another worthless drug addicted scammer
 Feb 06th, 2014
answered the phone - female asked is rob there - I said yes may I ask whos calling - female replied is ryan there - I replied no - female responded is Robert there - I said I told you yes now whos calling - female replied with is the female of the house there - I said something not so kind - female caller stated oh okay and started into her spiel to which I told her where to go and she hung up - beware there is a place calling and acting weird and when you call back they charge you A LOT of $
 Jan 29th, 2014
10-1-13, 216-278-0028, "BCFA" calls and hangs up. 10-18-13, "BREAST CANCER FA" calls and hangs up. 11-4-13, "BC FIN ASSIST" calls, woman asks for "lady of the house" while machine is playing message, hangs up when machine tries to record message. These are scammers that have bought a "block" of numbers and are trying to collect money illegally, possibly to fund terrorist activities in the U.S.
 Nov 05th, 2013
Since I don't answer unknown numbers I let this call go to my answering machine.
While the recorded greeting was still going she called my name. Demanded that I pick up and talk to her. Then called me a sorry mother fucker and hung up.
If this truely IS a representative of the Breast Cancer Fund then they need to hire some people friendly employee's........
 Nov 02nd, 2013
If you call back they will tell you how to get placed on their do not call list. I think that it is ridiculous that non profit organizations do not have to follow the same laws as everyone else. I am on a do not call list for a reason. Somehow it seems every not for profit organization has my phone number. I am still getting 30 calls every couple weeks & none are people or companies I do any business with. I am ready to shut down my phone.
 Oct 29th, 2013