Oh, Kim ..... Surely you've heard of "Heather" or "Rachel" or one of their girlfriends, phantom mascots of the credit reprice scammers. Their supposed promises and prerequisites are similar across the complaint boards. Only the figures vary. I usually see a minimum $4k debt reported.

You don't suppose "Card Member Services" is an awfully generic name for a financial firm? Oh, and I'm pretty sure the BBB has no "triple-A" rating. They use single character grades like in school. These scammers change names and numbers like socks, which would make any blacklist a full time job to maintain.

It's tempting to listen to these frauds when card lenders are doing their usual jerking around, keeping debtors hovering near default for maximum profit. The point to remember is even the legit debt consolidators have no special powers. You always have a choice to negotiate new terms with the banks yourself, or freeze the account and pay down if you don't like a proposed APR hike.

Take your story to the FTC, which shut down several of these goons last year based on the piles of complaints. See discussions for these numbers: 714-244-5025, 402-982-0479
 Jan 21st, 2011
caller- CARD MEMBER SERVICES offerd to lower my interest rates on all my cards by working with the card companies for you. that if they cant save you at least $2,000 in interest, they refund your fee. fee based on amount they get rate lowered on all cards. Must have at least $5000 in debt, be in good standing, on time pmts ect. I stupidly gave them 2 of my card numbers and they were able to pull up my balances and interest rates, stated must have at least 20% of available credit based on total debts. Said rated AAA with BBB. I have put a freeze now on both cards till I check into this further. Tried calling card company direct and both are not lower rates at this time. 1 rep.stated she had heard of them but didnt know if liget.You would think they would have a list of scammers to tell customers. Capital one said they would review my accout in 3 months for a decrease and credited my account $25. Ive always been in good standing. a few months back they just jumped it to 22.9. when asked what I could do to get it lowered now she had no answer just use card at least 1 time per month and pay on time. which I do already. Now I'm concerned with Identiy theft. tried called the 3 credit bureus but couldnt get to a person.Maybe closed now. I hope this info helps someone else. They never asked me for the 3 digets on the back of card. just the number on front. shocks me they could pull up my balance and rate. legit??? dont know.. will post again if BBB have any info on them.
 Jan 21st, 2011
This is an obvious scam they would not even identify themselves - would like to find a way to put them out of business.
 Dec 20th, 2010
message indicator beeped so i checked voice mail but no actual message left
 Aug 05th, 2010
This is probably a scam. The 000 exchange is not valid and mostly used by a VOIP call to simulate a call.
 May 26th, 2010