This is AAA mid Atlantic
 Aug 02nd, 2010
These guys have been calling my home and cell phone number for well over 2 weeks now. It is NCO, but they have yet to send me anything in the mail which is in violation of the FDCPA. NCO has been calling from a host of numbers and have been using caller ID spoofing as well. (This is one of the numbers that they use for caller ID spoofing and I do not have AAA - have not had AAA for well over a decade and well before I had ever gotten the phone number that they are calling me on)
NCO is known for being one of the largest and worst in the industry. They buy debts for pennies on the dollar that have been charged off by the original creditors and try to harrass people to pay the full amount that was charged off including fees, interest, etc. Many of the debts that they buy are well past the statute of limitations (one person claimed that NCO was calling them relentlessly in February 2008 concerning a medical debt from 1979!) You can find more information on these bottom feeders here:

I personally will not talk to any junk debt buyer on the phone and I will not even consider dealing with any bottom feeder agency that is already violating FDCPA laws.
 Mar 09th, 2010
Called this number back and it was AAA trying to get me to re-subscribe to their service.
 Jan 25th, 2010