Unknown caller, Aug. 28, 2010, speaking in Spanish - I did not respond and hung up. Number was 215-944-8989
 Aug 31st, 2010
A recording of a lady speaking Spanish-calls at least once a week on my cell phone-I just do not answer anymore or hang up-a real pain.
 Aug 31st, 2010
Per this phone number belongs to a Sam Eldad in George School, PA. It is supposedly a landline. (Per what I've read on the Internet today, Sunday, 08-29-2010, this possible Scammer or Fraudster needs to be Reported and Stopped Immediately! Please take the time to report these calls to ) Per what I've read on the Internet today, 08-29-2010, this is a Scammer. Many people as well as my friend's cell has been called. (We didn't call back.) Yet, what I've read on and many other numerous websites, they get a call most the time no message. If a message is left they state it is a pre-recorded very hard to hear static message of a female Spanish (possibly) women. If the call is answered and they can understand it, they state there is a pre-recorded Spanish (possibly) female's voice with applause or clapping in the background and static usually stating they've won a prize of $400 usually $1000, then enter "1" to claim the prize. (Most people claim the message is in a foreign language possibly Spanish.) If they enter "0," the phone hangs up. If they enter "1," they claim they are asked for their debit card info. However, if people call this number it states the number is Not in Service, even just within seconds possibly or minutes of an unanswered call from "215-944-8989!" And my friend got the call on a Sunday! They are calling many very private work, restricted, unlisted private cell and home numbers. (Possibly even children's cells are being called.) This is very scary and dangerous. It is probably an auto-dialer program, but costing many people lots of time, stress, and missed sleep. The FCC needs to be notified about this caller and "possible Fraud and Scam." And they need to stop this possible Scammer and Fraudster! Many people claim this number has called them up to 20 times while in school during the same day. And others claim they've received calls from this number within 6 months of one another while others claim this number has called their cell and then within minutes receiving another call from a "520" area code - I didn't note the number to their work telephone. Please report this number and have this caller Stopped Immediately.

Thank you.
 Aug 29th, 2010
No Message
 Aug 29th, 2010
Recording in Spanish, con men targeting latinos
Joel Cell
 Aug 28th, 2010
don't answer unidentified calls
 Aug 28th, 2010
To those who think they know where these calls are coming from: The technology exists by cheap call center outfits to spoof caller id, it's done all the time by reputable bank outfits (and others) to include their main number. Anyway, in the case of cheaply run outfits, it's obvious when the incompetent call center technicians fail to program the number when you see 000-000-0000 in caller id. Now in the case of the pieces of shit running this scam: they just used a number they've picked out of thin air for the Caller ID. AND they are using an autodialer that they have programmed to dial every possible number based upon published number ranges. There needs to be a fraud tracing team within the phone companies who've been empowered to track these autodialing assholes down. FCC, we need your help! do something that actually will help consumers, not the scam artists.
 Aug 28th, 2010
I bet people have died in the USA and other countries because of these call to people driving cars. Just another form of Spanish invasion. Illegal Spanish immigrants, illegal Spanish drugs and illegal Spanish phone messages seem to go together. If you think that is racist, well Spanish is not a race, but a language. So take an anthology class and learn the definition of race. The main races are Caucasoid, Negroid , and Mongoloid (White, Black and Asian). Although, Asian is a not correct as it is a geographic area. Just like all afro-Americans are not all black, some are from Egyptian which is mostly white.

Spanish message about a prize I think. I don't speak Spanish, but heard a lot of clapping as if they just told me I won something. Got a call for the first time on my magic jack phone today. I signed-up 2 months ago. And a call on my cell phone a about every 2 weeks for maybe 6 months. The caller ID can be faked, so not likely the correct number. They can do a lot with the information. Find out who speaks Spanish for a call list database for one. And other things but, I don't want to give them ideas.
The Government and Politicians don't do much. The "don't call" and "do not spam" laws were (and are) fought against hard by the advertising companies and both are watered down laws.

And of course, our politicians have exempted political calls from the do not call laws. ie: we can make calls and interrupt your dinner or cause to have a car crash, but we think it is Okay for us too. As we politicians are a superior form of life and God wants use to oversee you weak mined people. We politicians can put up lawn signs, but you local businessmen cannot. We politicians need special retirement benefits, but you lower forms of life need to go on SS/Medicare that we underfund and make complicated. We politicians need to …etc.
Need better laws and money to enforce the law. We need phone companies that will help use track them down. So, in other words, we need better politicians. Or we need to take the law in our own hands and take them out and tar and feather them. A few weeks on the rack use to work well too. Maybe we can hire a magician to make them disappear and not reappear. Or cut them in half and put them back together. No, then they would claim disability and go on some government program. There are already enough invisible people in government programs. I wonder if there was a power outage during a magic show what would happen if you were cut in half or disappeared. I don’t think want to volunteer to be in a magic show. And I don’t like getting illegal calls from scammer that the government does nothing about or has no place to complain. I am not seeing newspaper headlines with “group fined $100Kand given 5 years for making thousands of illegal calls in Spanish (or English).” Texas, USA
Craig Kelley
 Aug 27th, 2010
I got a call on my AT&T cell phone - I picked up and it was some sort of electronic operator voice in Spanish. It said "congratulations, you have opened the cash register - press 1 to claim your money". I hung up, but about 2 minutes later, my direct line at work rang - same number. I can't explain how someone would have access to my cell phone AND direct work number. Whatever this is, I hope they block that number or disconnect - whatever needs to happen to keep them from calling other people.
 Aug 27th, 2010
son estafadores no presione ningun numero cuelgue
 Aug 26th, 2010
Same as everyone else, Spanish recording telling me I won a prize

My coworker got the same thing on his phone!
 Aug 26th, 2010
called and hung up. can't call back
 Aug 26th, 2010
it says in Spanish: "you are the winner of a thousand dollars. Press 1 to claim it." WATCH OUT!
 Aug 26th, 2010
I just re-registered my cell number on DoNotCall a week ago. It hadn't even expired (only 2 years since last time) but I've started getting these calls regularly. Recently it's always a spanish speaking recorded message on the other end when I answered.

Does the Spanish-speaking community think they're exempt from the law? Maybe someone needs to check that the Spanish translation of the law is accurate.

Is anyone actually going after these people, or is it just so we have somewhere to go on-line and complain about the harassment?
 Aug 26th, 2010
My eleven year old got the first call two days ago, my husband received it yesterday and I just received the call today. Our cell phone company is the only one who has my son's cell number so I am convinced they are selling the numbers unless this telemarketer has a lucky guess.
 Aug 26th, 2010
There needs to be a law that states no company--and that includes every company on this continent--that you have done business with or doing business with has the right to sell your phone number or give your phone number out to anyone unless you give them written authorization period! That also includes where you work, teach, go to school, etc.!
 Aug 26th, 2010
Unknown caller, Spanish message. This was on my cell phone.
 Aug 26th, 2010
spanish, no option to even hear it in English!
 Aug 26th, 2010
telemarketing / spam message is in spanish just another way of make our lifes miserables
 Aug 26th, 2010
Call on cell phone no message
 Aug 26th, 2010
I got the same phone call and I done what I was suppose to do. If you are on the Govt. Do Not Call list go to this link and file a complaint. If they get enough complaints they will find them...hopefully before they get some innocent older person's money.
 Aug 26th, 2010
(215) 944 Area Code
Area Code - NPA 215
Exchange - NXX 944
Country US
State Pennsylvania
County Name BUCKS
Latitude 40.22
Longitude -74.93
LATA 228
Timezone -5
Day Light Saving 1
County Population 598000
FIPS 42017
MSA 6162
PMSA 6162
CBSA 37980
ZIP Code 18940
OCN 7309
Rate Center NEWTOWN
Rate Center Horizontal 1459
Rate Center Vertical 5250
 Aug 26th, 2010
I received a call from this number on 8/26/10 at around 8:25 PM. I picked up and I heard a pre-recorded message. It started off with some crowd cheers and then a woman said in Spanish, "Congratulations. You have been selected as a winner. To continue please press 1." I hung up.
Houston Guy
 Aug 26th, 2010
I searched around a bit, and discovered this number is owned by:

T C G Delaware Valley Inc
630 Freedom Bus Center Drive # 200
King Of Prussia, PA 19406-1331 map
Phone: 610-382-2000
Website:Information not found

They are listed as a telecommunications company; specialty "undefined."

According to an SEC filing, "TCG Delaware Valley, Inc. (formerly Eastern TeleLogic Corporation, Inc.) is a Delaware Corporation headquartered at One AT&T Way, Room 3A148, Bedminster, New Jersey 07921. TCG Delaware Valley is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Teleport Communications Group, Inc., which is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. TCG Delaware Valley is authorized to provide local exchange services pursuant to the approval order granted by this Board on June 19, 1996 in Docket No. TE96050392.(4)."

Guess we now know who's selling our cell phone numbers now!
 Aug 26th, 2010
got a call from this number
 Aug 26th, 2010
I got the same call at 7pm cst in spanish. I don't know spanish so I have no idea what they are saying.

Damn spam calls!
d t
 Aug 26th, 2010
I wonder if it is phone spam? A recording in spanish...
 Aug 25th, 2010
what do they want?
 Aug 25th, 2010
657pm was the time I answered Nothing then Spanish lady voice sounds like recording and I do not speak Spanish.I don't even use this cell phone except for emergencies or quick calls to family.
 Aug 25th, 2010
657 was the time I answered Nothing then Spanish lady voice sounds like recording and I do not speak Spanish.I don't even use this cell phone except for emergencies or quick calls to family.
 Aug 25th, 2010
I got the same thing today. For all your fantasies consider
 Aug 25th, 2010
Called me at work just now. Looked up the number on the web, but didnt pick up. Same with the rest of you. I got a Spanish message.
 Aug 25th, 2010
It's a fake caller ID. The caller could be anywhere in the world. They are dialling numbers all over the country at random, and there is nothing anyone will ever be able to do to stop them. A google search shows that they have been at it with the same Spanish recording for several years.
 Aug 25th, 2010
I just realized they called me yesterday, but I missed the call and they did not leave any message
 Aug 25th, 2010
these calls need to be stopped...we have over a 100 lines in our building and we must get at least 100 calls a day. when calling back the number it is not in service...NOW WHAT!!!!!
Wayne Alarm
 Aug 25th, 2010
Spanish (?) recorded message, no idea what they wanted. Sux on a pay per use phone.
 Aug 25th, 2010
I got the call on the cell phone but, I did not answer the call as I know there is alot of low life scum bags out there robbing the humble Latin community.I am definitely reporting them to the donotcall list that I am on.On one occasion someone selling supposedly language studies hacked into my brother in laws cell phone and even got his personal friends and relatives phone numbers etc
 Aug 25th, 2010
I got a call on my Celphone from 215-944-8989 today (08-25-10) at 12:55pm Central Daylight Time and it was someone speaking spanish to me, and I don't speak one ounce of sapnish!!!! Is there any way to put a stop to this? Please do so immediantly!! Thank you!!!
 Aug 25th, 2010
I am sick of these people calling me! have called me numerous times in the past, anyone know how to stop these calls?
 Aug 25th, 2010
it has to do with internet tracking. I went to a secured site and immediately i started receiving call from this number 1-215-944-8989
 Aug 25th, 2010
Reported the 215-944-8989 Spanish recorded message 8/25 2 pm also listed home phone on do not call list
 Aug 25th, 2010
Spanish recording and they called my cell??
 Aug 25th, 2010
Keeps calling my cell phone, never leaves a message, no call back possible. Spanish speaking "you've won a thousand dollars" type scam. Everybody report 215-944-8989 to !
 Aug 25th, 2010
Spanish - spam call stating press one to receive a prize of $1,000
 Aug 24th, 2010
No clue who this is. They called and it is a recording in Spanish.
 Aug 24th, 2010
I received a call to my "textfree" app on my itouch. No message, obviously.
 Aug 24th, 2010
the losers called my ipod touch textfree application
 Aug 24th, 2010
Unless people are willing to report this abuse of cell phones and regular phones, these Spanish JERKS will keep calling from 215-944-8989. Here is the URL for reporting the abuse.
 Aug 23rd, 2010
I called the number back within two minutes of missing the call and it is disconnected
 Aug 23rd, 2010
Another call from the 21x area code to my Skype voicemail.... Spanish recorded message
 Aug 23rd, 2010
Unknown caller from 215-944-8989. Didn't answer. Called on unlisted cell phone 9:30 AM 8/23/2010.
 Aug 23rd, 2010
Did not answer. Call received on unlisted cell phone 4:53 PM 8/19/10
 Aug 22nd, 2010
Called my cell phone...since I didn't recognize the number, I didn't answer. No message was left. How do they get ones cell phone number? I've only given my number out to family and friends...these people are neither. Jackasses.
 Aug 22nd, 2010
unknown (spanish)
Kate Bertog
 Aug 21st, 2010
//Modify this to fit your needs and send it to your congressman.

I read on the web that lots of people are getting unsolicited calls and they are asking for change, so it is safe to say, it is not only my problem. Google �how to stop telemarketer�. You will get 900,000 hits,
each page may contain multiple people complaints. Pay attention.

Currently there are many things wrong with the law system designed to (not) protect US citizens from telemarketers. But I will address only the two biggest problems.

1. I can't even file a complaint about marketer who is calling me. His number comes as �private, no ID� on my phone, and ATT refuses to tell me what is that number because the marketer's privacy is protected. But according to ATT, the law, that the US Congress wrote, is protecting the criminals' privacy but it is not protecting us, the victims. You can call ATT manager, Sandra Zanotelli, she explained the current law to me in October 2009. She also told me to register my cell number on do-not-call list, which of course is a funny thing because there is another law which says marketers are not allowed to call cell phones, and if they broke the do not call cell law, why would they obey the do-not-call list law. But one thing she made clear, the criminal's' privacy is securely protected from me the victim.

2. The second problem is with the way the current law is written. It is written to punish the telemarketers (and only under very rare situations which can be easily avoided). The law is written badly. [CAN SPAM law] There is million of telemarketers in this country. But there are fewer Companies that engage in harassing techniques. The law needs to punish not the telemarketers but rather the CEO of the companies whose goods are being peddled. This technique was used by FBI since Edgar Hoover days � follow the money. Furthermore, the CEO does understand financial penalties and the CEO understands jail sentence. If the CEO goes to jail and has to pay personally $500,000 penalty, trust me, you will have
solved the problem, the next CEO will think twice.

We the people are spending hours every week reading unsolicited emails, being interrupted at family dinners, being interrupted during our sleep, getting all upset because our sleep is interrupted, going to work the next day with stress. And that is costing the country in health care costs and lost productivity.

What we have in this country is, we have domestic terrorists who are extorting our money and terrorizing us, are stressing us, and harassing us. They are not from Libya, they are from Georgia or Arkansas or California, and they are called Peddler Inc. People are intimidated by the telemarketers to buy their product. Now look up the definition of a terrorist. People are intimidated by the terrorist to reach his goals. In order to escape the intimidation by the terrorists, people will do whatever terrorists want them to do, for example, they will not vote in elections. In order to escape the intimidation by the
telemarketers, people will do whatever telemarketers wants them to do, for example, they will buy the useless product. If they don't buy, marketer keeps calling back and extort money for text messaging and cell air time and stress people lives.

Please do not respond to me by quoting any law that we already have: * illegal to use computer dialers, * illegal to telemarket to cell phones, * illegal to send unsolicited email. I know of all of those laws, they are all useless, do Google search to find what people say about telemarketers. So if people are complaining on 900,000 pages, you must conclude, the existing laws are useless. You must write two new laws.

Step 1:
New Law I: Phone carriers, on simple phone request, must be required to give out phone numbers of companies/marketers that call with blocked phone number. The reason why Law I is necessary is because if you ask telemarketer what company he is from and where is it located, you will get a lie. By having phone company verified phone number, this will then allow the victim to activate the second law.

Step 2:
The victim will call FBI and give them the marketer number. FBI will talk to the marketer and get the list of Peddler Inc. that hired him.

Step 3:
New Law II: Instead going after marketers, you must write a new law to punish the CEO of Peddler Inc. and that will solve the problem.

Here is my proposed version of the Law II, to make sure it will not end up like CAN-SPAM (the worst law ever written � according to TIME magazine) -- make it clear, simple, with no loop holes.

The Law to protect hard working US citizens against Peddler Inc. (not telemarketers):

Any of any who to using any their will under this federal law be punished as follows.

First offense: minimum sentence 90 days, fine $90,000, no parole.
Second offense: minimum sentence 900 days, fine $900,000, no parole.
Third offense: minimum sentence 90,000 days, fine $90,000,000, no parole.

Definition of terms:

= CEO, President, highest administrator, sole owner, or whoever is in charge.

= company, business, limited partnership, for profit, DBA, non profit, charity.

= hires marketers for salary, hourly pay, piece work, volunteer, commission, paid by barter. Or orders any of his employees to others. Or orders any of his employees to . Or causes in any way unsolicited activity to occur.

= proposes to sell, give away, donate, give as award, reward, give for free but charge later.

= unsolicited phone call, email, text message, chat, skype, VOIP, or using any technology in unsolicited way. Or making call or text message without showing the phone number. Or sending company email without showing their email.

= product, service, award, reward, gift, concept, information, seminar, intellectual property, or anything else of value or possible value in the future.

If something is not clear, please contact me. Best channel � email.

 Aug 20th, 2010
I didnt recognize the phne number of who was calling from Pennsylvania so I didn't answer the phone and they didn't leave a voice mail either.
 Aug 20th, 2010
Just called me for the first time. I come to check and lookie.
 Aug 20th, 2010
I am getting these calls at work! 2 days in a row. Can someone turn them off.
 Aug 20th, 2010
called my cell. returned the call from blocked number, and a message stated that the number you called is not in service.
 Aug 20th, 2010
Called cell. Did not recognize number. Did not answer. Called 6:03 me (CST).
 Aug 19th, 2010
Called me on my cell twice with prerecorded message in spanish..........
 Aug 19th, 2010
called me on my cell phone. did not answer. did not leave message
 Aug 19th, 2010
Just got a call from this number; Newton, PA and I am on the do not call list.
 Aug 19th, 2010
Called and when I did not answer it went to voice mail and left a message in Spanish
 Aug 19th, 2010
received missed call today. no voicemail
 Aug 19th, 2010
I had a missed call on 8/18/10, called back is say the number is unavailable???
 Aug 19th, 2010
8/18/10 12:21 pm This # showed up on my phone-listened to the message--breath and then nothing. Reading these comments, I'm glad to post mine. Hope the police are on it with this!
 Aug 19th, 2010
I've gotten two or three calls from this number the last three days, but haven't answered. When I try to call back the number has been disconnected. From reading others comments I'm glad I didn't answer. Very strange.
 Aug 18th, 2010
I got this call around 11:20am August 10th, 2010. I missed the call because i was sleeping then called back and it was disconnected. From what i've seen on the internet its been calling people since at least june 24th 2008.
 Aug 18th, 2010
Missed call on my Cell. No message.
Fayetteville NC
 Aug 18th, 2010
My niece answered the phone and this was a men who said his name was Mr. Smith. He asked for my sister's and he also mentioned my niece's name. How did he get the names? He played a terrible joke on my niece since he said that he was calling regarding her grades and said that there was a mistake at school with her grades and that she was going to have to repeat the 8th grade. This is terrible and scary! Where to they get all this information?
Martha Gonzales
 Aug 18th, 2010
prerecorded message in spanish. someone has too much time on their hands. sick of this type of calls!
 Aug 18th, 2010
no message...number disconnected for call back
 Aug 18th, 2010
Called on 8/18/2010 out of PA. Left a voicemail but they didn't say anything.
 Aug 18th, 2010
Received a call from the above number didn't answer it since I didn't recongnize the number.
Loved your story Concerned, but I'm also secretly in love with Sarah Palin, do you think I could convince those aliens to direct her attention and affection towards me ? ? ?
Retired Jarhead
 Aug 18th, 2010
no message...number disconnected for call back//
 Aug 18th, 2010
Has called my work phone for 3 months; I never pick up; voicemails are completely in Spanish so I have no idea what this about
 Aug 18th, 2010
i got this call today like right now. and its 7:17 pacific time. it didnt leave me a voice mail or anything. but i still want to know who called me
 Aug 18th, 2010
this sound like a recording very bad reception don't know what is being sad and can hear it very well
 Aug 18th, 2010
got a recorded message in spanish and shortly after the call ended.
 Aug 18th, 2010
Garbled recording in spanish saying I was caller number five and then something about either paying or getting payed before I hung up.
 Aug 18th, 2010
Why are they calling my son's cell phone? He's not going to pick it up if he doesn't recognize the number.
 Aug 17th, 2010
They called me this morning and did not leave a message. Then, they just called my office/work number a few minutes ago. I recognized the 215 area code from the missed call and answered. It was a recording in Spanish. I'm really concerned. Could they have my personal information and be tracking me?
 Aug 17th, 2010
I called number back immediately and it said it was disconnected
 Aug 17th, 2010
Ya I received a msg in Spanish saying "you are caller no. 5" then a guy came on asking me for my name but I was reluctant. He finally said my FULL NAME and said he's calling from some "PRIZE something"...any ways he said I'd won 1,000 from [my] Visa/Mastercard. Then he hung up. I'm just curious as to how much more info they have of mine?
 Aug 17th, 2010
Recorded message in Spanish, which I do not understand. There were a few pauses, perhaps the machine was waiting for me to say something. It hung up after 21 seconds.
 Aug 17th, 2010
I got a call from this number I didn't answer because I didn't know the number. A voice mail was left in Spanish
 Aug 17th, 2010
If you look online you will find hundreds of reports of this happening going back years. No charges ever show up on bills, nor are viruses transmitted. So what it the point of these bizarre calls?

Hidden within the static and applause are high-frequency bursts designed to activate the alien mind-control implant devices. These calls are being sent by secret alien sleeper cells which were activated by coded messages in Fox News broadcasts. As the implant victims (abductees who had their memories of the event erased) come more and more under the control of the alien masters, their behavior becomes increasingly irrational and their speech loses logic and coherence. The plan is to have millions of subjects vote for the implant victim who has been activated the longest, Sarah Palin. Many other subjects under varying degrees of control have been seen wearing tricorner hats with teabags on them. The plan is to continue to destroy their brains so as to subjugate the country, take control of the mass media, and boost the range of our broadcast capability so they can get better reception of reruns of Gilligan's Island in their dimension. We not know whether they prefer Ginger, Mary Ann, or the Professor.

Of course, this is all speculation. Perhaps the symptoms exhibited by Sarah Palin have nothing to do with alien mind-control.
 Aug 17th, 2010
This was a Gay dating site that attempts to get people with small children. I contacted the police immediately.
 Aug 17th, 2010
called no
 Aug 17th, 2010
got this number calling me today, didn't answer, and they didn't leave a msg.
 Aug 17th, 2010
I think this is an IPhone prank call app
 Aug 16th, 2010
This number called me so I called it back. The line was busy, so I texted it saying do I know you? Then called again and got a recording saying the line was disconected. So here I am looking at 7 reports... kinda creeping me out.
 Aug 16th, 2010
Another waste on my cellphone; didn't answer but called on 08/16/2010
 Aug 16th, 2010
Got a call from this number. No answer when i said hello. I wonder if they call random people because im only 13.
 Aug 16th, 2010
Didn't answer but they left a voicemail with nothing said.
 Aug 16th, 2010
Automatisierter Anruf auf spanisch. Telefondisplay zeigte die Nr. 215-944-8989 in Newton, in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.. Sie scheinen, Reisedienstleistungen zu verkaufen.
Olga Hinojosa
 Mar 17th, 2009
i got a phone call from this number but i was in school so i decided to talk to the person afterward, i thought it was my friend at first but when the same number called me about 20 times during school i decided to call back but the was not in service
 Mar 16th, 2009
Attacking Canada, now. No sweat. We'll kick there ass.
Big Dog
 Mar 16th, 2009
Just got a call from 215-944-8989. Answered and got a recording in a British accent that began "Hallo.... You have just won a..." and I hung up. Been getting more of theses types of calls lately on my cell. It seems that some US telemarketing scammers have gotten hold of the Canadian Cell registry or something. Sucks.
 Mar 16th, 2009