Statewide Appeal keeps calling and then they hang up
 Apr 06th, 2010
No message but two telephone numbers were listed: 215-749-2413 and 215-774-9241
 Mar 04th, 2010
Who is it??? Cannot be NCO and a jelly selling trooper, they called me and just sat there for a minute, tried to hang up, I stayed, they tried again, I stayed, never said anything!!!!!! Got a few calls from them so far.
Brian Weaver
 Feb 05th, 2010
This was the nastiest telemarketer I've ever experienced. I knew he was soliciting for an organization that keeps 85% of what they solicit for themselves, but wanted to gather information so I could report it to our Attorney General's office. The minute that I let on that I was aware that it wasn't a fully 'legit' charity is when 'Douglas Hunt' (and if you think I think that was his real name . . . ha!) got nasty. I told him to remove me from the do not call list, but he never heard he was too busy being verbally aggressive and then hanging up.

I called the Attorney General's office and reported it, and learned a few things in the process. A charity can do one single mailing and that be considered part of their 'educational programs' and can count that expense under that category. The other thing I learned is that these 'State Trooper' calls come through near spring and spring time more often than any other time of year . . . guess we're gearing up for spring? Shucks, I wanted more snow.
 Jan 21st, 2010
Can you believe it?!?! FUCKNUTS, INC (NCO Financial Systems) strikes (OUT!) again! Sorry guys - looks like Alpo AGAIN for you this week!
Bob M
 Jan 13th, 2010