I recieved a call from this number and they stated that I was going to jail today because I owed money to Internet Loan company and if I didn't pay them today that I was going to Jail and they were going to contact my place of employment. They cused at me on the phone and yelled at me. I had missed the phone call and when I called back they answered the phone and said it was Trans Law and they got a man on the phone that said his name was Steve Hart and he was from Benjamin and associates. He had the place of my employment and last four of SSN. He also called my job when I didn't answer the phone
Amie Sullivan
 Mar 08th, 2013
I received a call from this number and the person claimed that they were from a law firm Benjamin and Associates. The man was threatening that if I did not call back that I would be in serious trouble. That I might get arrested. That my family and employer would be contacted and that it would be a huge mess. This call did not seem legitimate to me. I could barely understand the man and the call seemed scripted. He also had the last four of my social and my name. He said that if I didn't call back within a couple of days they would file a case against me warranted to my name.
Agusto Navarro
 Feb 12th, 2013