national mktg 215-743-5912
national mktg
 Jan 11th, 2012
They have been calling me at various times all week. Always comes up as National Mktg. I don't answer, and they never leave a message.
 Aug 15th, 2011
The number came up on my caller ID as NATIONAL MKTG
 Jul 20th, 2011
I got a call from this number and they hung up when I answered. I called the number and got an operator recording that says the number is not in service.
 Jul 20th, 2011
didn't answer, I am on the do not call list. Why do I keep getting all of this garbage.
 Jun 14th, 2011
I.D said Pennsylvania
 May 02nd, 2011
I received this call this evening a man said can I have a moment of your time I am doing a survey on Healthcare for Georgia Southern University, well since my daughter went there I said yes. It did not take but a second to know this was wrong....I looked a the caller ID it said philadelphia, pa. He asked did any of my family work for a marketing firm I said yes my daughter and he hung up on me. So.. I am sure this is a marketing company of some sort. Never the less. REPORT THEM, THEY SHOULD BE HONEST!
 Feb 25th, 2011
Opinion survey for local radio stations
 Jan 28th, 2011
When I called the number back it said "this number is no longer in service."
 Dec 14th, 2010
Lot of noise. Some woman Hello,Hello--------Hellooooo
 Dec 02nd, 2010
Wilkins Research located Chatanooga TN ...caller id : Pennsylvania


Encourage everyone you know to spam this site, since they don't mind spamming all of us in our homes. They have an online contact form so make sure you fill out a lot of them to bother tham like they bother all of us.
Sick and Tired
 Nov 22nd, 2010
Claimed to be a "survey."
John Kearney
 Nov 10th, 2010
Same story here too. No message and the same recording about their number being disconnected. Never saw anything like it before: everybody wants you to do a survey to tell them how they are doing.
 Nov 04th, 2010
I get a call from this number every day and have not answered any of them
 Oct 23rd, 2010
I have great respect and information about your Buddy. Pls contact me at 423-782-6473. Sincerely yours, Jessica A. Cox
Jessica Cox
 Oct 21st, 2010
I answered the number and got no response on the other end
 Oct 19th, 2010
Same thing happened to me twice now they call no one there. I am guessing they have a "outbound dialing system" for telemarketing that just keeps blasting out calls. Agents probably are not as fast as the system is in terms of connecting on the line.
 Aug 04th, 2010
The number is not disconnected, it's an "outbound trunk", a type of phone circuit often used by customers with large numbers of telephone lines that are aggregated. The company might have "inbound trunks" if they have large numbers of inbound callers - like customer service departments, retailers (ZAPPOS) or like the airlines used to have.
Ron C.
 Jul 29th, 2010
I answered the call and a man said they were doing a survey for what news stations we listen to. I told him we do not participate in surveys and please do not call again.
 Jun 05th, 2010
They have called several times in the past week. When I call back it says disconnected.
Jenell O.
 Aug 22nd, 2006
I've gotten two calls so far. I also called the number and recording says it's disconnected.
Isabel Geller
 Aug 21st, 2006
same problem as others - they call, no answer. i call back and the # is disconnected. Weird
Melissa U
 Aug 21st, 2006
This number called and I didn't answer. I called back and operator said it was disconnected.
Obie Ward
 Aug 21st, 2006
They have been calling for several days... when I pick up the phone, there is nobody at the other end.
AZ Greers
 Aug 20th, 2006
This # called and hung up called back and it said it was disconnected
Delia Nunes
 Aug 20th, 2006
This # called us and we called it back and its discounted
Kimber Kincaid
 Aug 18th, 2006