NCO student loan collection ... These guys collect on student loans
These guys are annoying some lady name "Candice Wright" keep calling me every single day. They have the nerve to call my boss and start saying "I HAVE A TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION FOR YOUR EMPLOYEE" . I tell them to stop calling me and my work but they still call every day. They are going to get me fired. Anyways After 2 weeks of candice's phone assault I decided to call her back.... She started demanding that i pay 400 dollars a month on some old AZZ student loan. I WORK MINIMUM WAGE... I have no car, and no savings.... I live pay check to pay check... I told her this but she is a well trained DOG.... she just keeps at it... I found some information on some website made by a former collector and he talks about everything... Alll the nAsty tactics these collection agencies employ..... READ ABOUT YOUR OPTIONS... it turned out my payments were as low as 100 dollars a month.... THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY.... PEOPLE YOU NEED TO BE INFORMED.... My blessings go out to you... Honest, hard working americans that are struggling....
 May 05th, 2010
 Dec 18th, 2009
If you live in Texas and are getting calls from NCO (the also go by NCO Department of Education) you can contact them at the following to supposedly STOP the calls. Good luck.

If you have a complaint about the way we are collecting this debt, please write to our CONTACT CENTER; NCO Financial Systems, Inc.; 507 Prudential Road; Horsham, PA 19044, or call us toll free at 800-550-9619 between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Central Time Monday – Friday.
 May 21st, 2009
They are just normal people doing their jobs, someone has to pick up the trash!
The Artist
 May 30th, 2008
Shady practrices, using not the company name, but an alias on the caller id? I never answer. They never leave a message.
 May 08th, 2008
The name on my caller ID was Rita Kushinsky but when I answered the phone they were calling for a relative of mine and asked they call back at 877-569-2755 and when I asked who they were "Robert" said NCO.
 May 05th, 2008
This number has called for months Apparetly looking to collect a debt from my sister. Yesterday they called very earily 4 or 6 am, Picked Up no responce. At 8:30 am same day they called I "talked" to the guy on the phone Tryed to explain that My sister hasn't lived here in years Guy interrupted me 4 times. I told him as politly as I could "shut up" he yelled at me for a few minutes and then hung up. Found this site at 10:30am called some numbers was told they couldn't transfer me, I hung up. Called another number and was transfer to a manager who claimed to take my number off there List.

All numbers that aren't 1-800 seemed to be blocked from call backs, you get a area code error or a disconection message.
 Jan 22nd, 2008
Ever wonder where drug addicts, prison parolees, and newly released mental patients go? They become debt collectors....oh.....that's why they are BRAIN DEAD DIRTBAGS!
 Oct 20th, 2007
Go to or they are getting sued by the minute ha ha losers collect on old accounts don't even have the right info SCAM ARTISTS!!!
Sick of it
 Oct 18th, 2007
I picked up the phone and there was a recording that said this is not a solication call someone will be right with you so I hung up.
 Sep 29th, 2007
They collect student loan debts and info on student loan debts. If you don't owe, they might be trying to collect info on someone who does. Just tell them "never to call this number again" and by law they are not supposed to. If you don't say it, they will keep calling. If you say it and they keep calling, report them. It's illegal!
 Aug 21st, 2007
It was a recorded message demanding that I give a return phone number. (Uh, what numberr did they just call?) They have called numerous times in the last week. Sometimes more than twice a day. I will not give these people any satisfaction!!!!
 Jul 27th, 2007
Received msg in threating tone from "Mr. Shapiro". "This is not a marketing call. You are to call 888-475-6741 immediately"
Not a Fool
 Jul 26th, 2007
re:215-442-8300 rec'd call for archie russel, said did,'t even know a archie russel,he said he did'nt make it up out of thin air, said I still did'nt know anyone by that name and hung up...hope they do not call again, if they do, I will contact phone company with complaint due to info on this web site. these people are bottom feeders....
 Jun 24th, 2007
female caller looking for someone who had a different social security number, different address, different age, different everything. I am on the do not call list but NCO Group doesn't care.
Michael R.
 Jun 16th, 2007
Calls from (215)675-1573 are from a collector attempting to get you to settle your student loan. Over 20 years ago! They are not familiar with law that were applicable at that time (re-payments terms were diff.). Beware - deal with the Dept. of Education only -
 Jun 05th, 2007
They have called daily for the past month, sometimes twice a day. I believe this is the same company that called about a year ago and I told them not to call again. When you do talk to them, they are nasty.
 May 27th, 2007
NCO Financial CEO Micheal J. Barrist 507 Prudential Road Horsham, PA USA 19044.
A 1 billion dollar plus collection agency. Other numbers: 215-111-1111 automated, 800-220-2274,215-441-3000, 800-227-4000, 866-475-8070, 215-675-1573. My State auto dial calls are not legal. More than 2 calls per day harasment. Check your State Consumer Protection Agency.
 May 05th, 2007
1 billion dollar plus collection agency. NCO Financial CEO Michael J. Barrist 507 Prudential Road Horsham, PA USA 19044
215-111-1111, 800-220-2274,215-441-3000,800-227-4000,215-442-8300,866-675-8070. Trying to collect debt from someone that previously had my present phone number.
 May 05th, 2007
these people have called me 3x this morning, no message left. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer.
 May 03rd, 2007
Left a message stating that this was a "confidential message" for Leander (ie, they want to get paid). Not entirely sure how they associated this number with said person. Our last names are similar yet now the same. I guess doing collections is like going to church, lot of praying and hoping that there's some meaning to it all in the end.
 Apr 30th, 2007
Someone from this number called this morning at 8:30am and it sounded like a collector message, but we don't have anything in collections. "Please hold for the next representative, it is very important that we speak with you" was the message. I tried to call the number back and it said it had been disconnected. I was asleep so it was on my answering machine when I got up. Who knows.
 Apr 27th, 2007
 Apr 26th, 2007
Very rude jerk named "Harvey" tried to extort information from 9 year old girl over the phone.
 Apr 26th, 2007
Read messages and found that both "unknown numbers" calling here are from the same NCO Corp. Run in with them nearly 3 years ago at different numbers. They accused me of being someone I'm not. They had an SS# which wasn't mine and actually threatened to dunn SS Disability payments for the person they named. Nasty, nasty folks. Tried to reach SSI to tell them the named person might be a target and they finally stopped calling. Started again on April 13 and have already called 6 times, early morning until late at night. Twice already today. How to stop this?
 Apr 16th, 2007
We've received 4 calls in the past 4 or 5 days each time leaving a message - we didn't pick it up. Just like the other comments, they want us to call them back but don't say who they are or what it is concerning.
 Apr 06th, 2007
received several calls in 2 weeks, sometimes twice a day. Left messages saying that is was "not a sales call" and to call back immediately. phone number left to call back was 1-877-847-1486, but the caller id numbers were 215-111-1111, and 215-675-1573. I never answered any of the calls
 Apr 06th, 2007
we have gotten calls from this number at 8:15 am over and over again.

they claim that I owe on old student loans but yet all my student loans have been long since paid off

this is a scam they are using old accounts to con money outa people.

tell them to F%&# off

 Mar 16th, 2007
I got a call from this number on my home phone. The caller ID had this phone number and above it, "Pennsylvania." The man gave me absolutely no information for his reason for calling, but asked for verification of my social security number and date of birth. He read off a social security number that was not mine as well as a birth date that was not mine. I informed him that he had the wrong person and hung up. Assuming later that I was a potential identity theft victim, I called the number back and received the message that the number had been disconnected. I for one am extremely disturbed by this potential threat to me.
 Feb 21st, 2007
Looked these jerks up online and here is the Website:

They are an outsourcing collection agency, but where they get their info is shady. They msut depend on untrue info given to them (lies). Too, wonder if people are vitims of identity theft and these collectors get info on mostly the victims instead of the criminals.
They disturb my sick mother often and we just don't answer.
Mad in TX
 Feb 15th, 2007
Was very rude with a bronx accent. Accusatory and derisive in nature. My father answered the phone and asked who he was to which he replied, "What?!? Is Erik not man enough to take any of his own calls?!?" I will be looking into harrassment and filing a tort claim if he proceeds to keep calling...
Erik Nelson
 Feb 13th, 2007
Dennis Roberts from NCO Financial Systems, a debt collection company, wanted a call back on an 800 number.
 Feb 12th, 2007
This company is a debt collections company called NCO Financial. They collect debts from, Ebay and Citi cards as well as many small companies in the east.

The correct telephone number to reach someone on is 1-800-709-8638.

If they are really calling in error and you inform them of this, they should not call you again.

It does not matter if you are on the Do Not Call List because they are a debt collection company, not sales.
Jennifer A
 Feb 01st, 2007
When I called the number back it said the number was disconnected
 Jan 31st, 2007
when they asked for me i said hello then they hung up...
 Jan 30th, 2007
a guy called andtold me about a debt and wanted to know personal things about me and what I do. I asked him why and he said it was he was from a collection agency for my student loan. So to stop the personal questions I told him I wanted to make arangements to pay the loan off and he said some rude things to me and then hung up. I tried calling back and the number was unavailable.
 Jan 30th, 2007
Called for my husband, said it was for a financial matter and left an 866 no. I tried to call the 215-675-1573 no. back and it was disconnected. What a scam
 Jan 27th, 2007
Everyone, I received a similar call.

I recommend registering with the Fed's National Do Not Call List

Also, I recommend complaining to them about this. They have the ability to charge and fine phone harrassers.
 Jan 27th, 2007
Somehow these people got hold of my office number and I was called at work. The man said it was in reagrd to a personal matter. When I asked about what he said regarding a debt owed which I had paid off long ago. I said I could not speak now and he asked for another number to reach me (which they have been calling for over a month now so they already have it) and I told him sorry, I can't do that at the moment. He asked why and I said I was in a meeting (I wasn't but there were other employees in my office) adn he responded by saying "Well, you've been on this call for 45 seconds already" and I said thank you but I have to hang up and I did. Now I have to call the originator of thedebt and request a pay off notice IN WRITING.
 Jan 25th, 2007
Got a call the other day from this number - I answered it and the person immediately claimed I had an "outstanding student loan." I never HAD A STUDENT LOAN so after a few comments back and forth and my hearing a wrong SS# (last four didgits) he said he had the wrong Frank... but today I got a call again and this time did not answer it. I then Googled the number and found this site and also confirmed it's NCO for sure. Are they nuts?
Frank H
 Jan 24th, 2007
Refused to accept that the party he was looking for wasn ot living at my number. Got very abusive. told him to eat shit and die and hung up on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jan 16th, 2007
Mrs Smith and she wouldnt say what she wanted so I told her I wasn't going to give her any information.
 Jan 15th, 2007
Called wanting to collect on a debt and were very rude, implying that I was a lowlife, etc. because I would not give any information.
Am seriously considering filing suit and contacting the BBB.
 Jan 08th, 2007
Add me to the list, as anyone contacted the police or phone company?
 Jan 05th, 2007
Beware! It's a scam! Got two voicemails from this number on my work #(!!), demanding (rudely) immediate call-back for some debt outstanding. Finally I decided to call back to stop the harassment. The woman asked for my SSN. I said I wasn't going to give you my social. She said it's for verification purpose as she had my social. I said let's hear it. She gave a completely random SSN and a bogus birth date, both under my name and work number!!! I demanded my number be taken off the list, and she said she would. The way I look at it, they were fishing for personal info. They were just calling whatever numbers they could get their hands on, and in my case, they lifted my name from my recorded message, which is not even my legal name and thus couldn't possibly be the name under which I would incur any debt. Is there anything we could do to stop this harassment and scam?
 Jan 03rd, 2007
I received calls from NCo Financial group forabout 6months or better...and I'm beginnign to wonder if they are a legit company or if they are scamming me for money...they say they are attepting to collect a debt from my student loans but when i get my statement it never looks as if anything is being accounted for. I'm nervous that i am being scammed and taken for my money
 Jan 02nd, 2007
Caller ID says simply "Philadelphia". After visiting your site, I Googled "NCO Group" and discovered they are the world's largest debt collection agency and apparently have already been sued by the FTC in 2004 for mis-representing consumer delinquency (they settled but denied any wrongdoing).

Here's their info:

NCO (North Collections Org.)
507 Prudential Rd, Horsham PA 19044. Numbers given on website are 800-220-2274 and 215-441-3000. The CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board is listed as Michael Barrist. I did not return the call, the message was virtually incomprehensible.

Dr. D
 Dec 30th, 2006
This company is a big scam. For some reason their phone got disconnected(215)675-1573. Thats good.
 Dec 30th, 2006
Thank goodness for the internet! Received a message today from someone with this number on caller i.d. that said my lawyer had called them and they had to get in touch with me within 2 days. He said his name was Kevin Galbraith and left an 800-611-0641 number for me to call back. I've never had a lawyer in my life. So I started searching and thank you all for your feedback and this page. The internet in great for stopping the fraud out there!
 Dec 27th, 2006
just got called from this number. i tried to call it back and got a disconnected response. asked for 5K debt balance due. i've got no debt. i believe this is a scam
 Dec 27th, 2006
So idiot named "Mr.Johnson" keeps calling my mother's residence asking for me. He didn't identify a company or say what it was in regards to. He got rude with my mother when she informed him that I didn't live there, he got rude and continued to call her. He even left a message on her machine threatening to turn me into the authorities for fraud. I have no idea what the hell he is talking about!
 Dec 25th, 2006
Very rude male called. When I insisted he tell me who he was, he started to yell at me & I hung up. I called the # back, & recieved a recording saying that the # was disconnected.
 Dec 22nd, 2006
I refused to answer before looking the number up
 Dec 22nd, 2006
calls every morning at 5:30am- rude voice mails. will file FTC complaint.
 Dec 22nd, 2006
Call for my sister (haven't talked to her for a long time) - said it was a business call and gave a callback number.
 Dec 08th, 2006
Missed the call, but wanted to google it to see who it could have been. Now I'm glad I didn't call back.
 Dec 07th, 2006
Have not answered decided to google it first but they have left me 4 messages in 2 days.
 Dec 07th, 2006
this has continued for months!When I said they had no right to harass me, the supervisor suddenly burst on and yelled at me!
boop girls
 Dec 03rd, 2006
I get a call at least once a week from this number. Since I don't know who they are I do not answer the calls. They have never left a message. They call my cell phone.
 Nov 30th, 2006
We received a call from someone at this number last night. The call was for my wife saying that she was a contact for someone who did not exist. The caller was rude and when this was pointed out he stated that his voice was "firm, that's my voice". I asked if there was a message that could be left and was berated and then he hung up. We tried calling 1-215-675-1573 and it was redirected local to us and was picked up by some poor soul who has been reciving calls on this situation on her cell phone due to the redirect. Complaints are going to our local attorney general, FTC, and our telephone carrier.
 Nov 29th, 2006
called 4 times no message and they caled within two hours
 Nov 28th, 2006
Horrible lady called....very nasty. I told her she got the wrong number and she was very very rude.
 Nov 27th, 2006
mush mouth woman called mon. am nco finl. said i owed $1500 hung up after told her wrong person. she called back & told me not to hang up on her. told her i would turn over to bell south investg. she asked to verify add i never heard of. told her never lived there she hung up
 Nov 27th, 2006
continuously leaves messages. the number they leave for me to return the call at is not the same one that appears on my caller id. very strange. very difficult to understand. will call at random times and does not give information that is helpful.
 Nov 20th, 2006
Called looking for a former employee, saying that she had a commitment with his company that he needed to settle.
 Nov 16th, 2006
The number came up and I thought it might have been a client. I answered it as I normallay would if it was a client and they came back with "I'm looking for..." and hung up. When I called the number back, no one would answer.
 Nov 07th, 2006
A caller from this number was looking for Marieanne Paulsen. She has not lived here since April of 2001. Why are they calling here now after all these years? She moved to Bankcroft, Ontario. After that, I have no clue where anyone can find her.
Tom A Curalli
 Nov 06th, 2006
They asked for Micheal I told him no such person by that name lived here, they then said it again, I told them again no one by that name lives here. I then told them that Mitchell lives here.....they asked to talk to him I said he was not in they then asked for his cell phone number, I told them no, I asked for a number for him to return the call, they asked for a better time to call him. She was rude!!!
 Nov 01st, 2006
no message, did not call # on call ID back.
They call at a min of 2x daily and leave no message.
 Nov 01st, 2006
Mrs Mapps I have no ideal who the hell the david is& quit calling me .
bob johnson
 Oct 30th, 2006
Got a call from Debra Hughlett with NCO told me they would draft a payment from my account. she called a couple of days later telling me that I gave her the wrong information and they were filing a fraud charge against me. at the time fo the initial call we talked with the Rep from my bank and verified the info was correct. she got very nasty with me when i reminded her of this spouting that a lawyer would be in contact with me. Beware of this company!
 Oct 30th, 2006
Someone keeps calling my home from this number asking for me. I have not been at home when they called but they have called my home two times and refused to identify who they are.

The readout on my caller ID said, "Phila Suburb".
 Oct 25th, 2006
called here asking for a former employee. I informed him she no longer works here and he asked for how long. I told him she had not been working here for over a year and a half and then asked if I knew how he could get in touch with her. I said I didn't and he hung up on me.
 Oct 17th, 2006
Very rude, left some 800 number of which I couldnt even understand her, her speech was so bad. Very rude and threatening.
 Oct 05th, 2006
This number is calling me asking for Anthony Bennett,I do not know who he is and have asked them to stop calling me for a month, i am not the person,they still call after they supposedly took it off
 Oct 04th, 2006
Got a call from this number today 03 October 2006. Went to some strange beep signal after I said hello.
George Smith
 Oct 03rd, 2006
They have called several times looking for my son. they were told that he no longer lives here, he does not have a phone, and gave them his current address and not to call again. since giving them this information they continue to call. The last call received at 8:15 this morning I again told them that my son does not live here. Once again they asked for his address and I informed the male caller that they had been given this information and hung up on the rude idiot
 Sep 22nd, 2006
they give me 4 numbers and want to "confirm" whether my SS# is "these last 4 numbers."
boop girls
 Sep 15th, 2006
I get calls from this number just about everyday. He says his name is Mr. Shapiro and gives another number to call him back on. I believe it is harassment and it needs to be stopped.
 Sep 06th, 2006
 Sep 06th, 2006
would not give name hung up
 Sep 02nd, 2006
Calls from (215)675-1573 are from a collector attempting to get you to settle your student loan or some other outstanding debt.
Spider Spice
 Aug 24th, 2006
This guy Chris keeps calling from this number, saying he's with NCO.. He tried to verify my info but I wouldn't give him any information, then he told ME the last 4 digits of the ss number he had associated with the account, without even checking to see if he was speaking to the right person. He called me 6 times in half an hour... His name is Chris Tatum
Pissed off
 Aug 24th, 2006
These people are scam artist!! Don't give them your info. They keep trying to collect a light bill debt from me which is paid off. And come to find out my light company doesn't even use "outside" collection agencies!! BEWARE!! Terrorist ATLARGE
 Aug 22nd, 2006
This company (NCO or NCL?) has called my home three times in one week. They claim to be collecting on an outstanding debt. They had my name & phone number but the wrong SS# and address. I have never lived in the city of the address they had. My husband took the first two calls and I got the third one. We have both told "Bruce" that he's got the wrong number. I couldn't tell if he was saying NCO or NCL but I thought it was strange that he didn't know what the letters stood for so I got on the net to see what I could find.
 Aug 21st, 2006
A caller from this number was looking for a Zach someone or other and was somewhat rude when I told him we had no one by that name here. Demanded to know whther this was a business or residence number. I hung up on him. This was the first call from this number.
 Aug 16th, 2006
I recevied a call om my cell phone. I did not answer it. The person left a message and asked for me to call him back (his name was mumbled). They left a toll free number for a return call. I did not call back.
 Aug 10th, 2006
I recieved a message from this number telling me to call another number.
 Jul 24th, 2006
I got 2 calls from this # in the past 3 days. I didn't recognize the number on my mobile phone's caller ID. I did not answer since I've been getting telemarketers calling my mobile. I have reported the other calls. I will not give my phone# through this website.
 Jul 24th, 2006
This woman was very nasty, I can not believe any company would hire her-I informed her she was calling a business & she didnt care, My employees dont need to be harrassed by a foul mouth person like this. She hung up on me when I asked her to stop calling
 Jul 24th, 2006
refused to listen to me when i informed "akeem" he was calling montana and the person he wanted was in massachusetts. he told me i'm legally responsible for a third party debt because akeem called me and not debtor. may threats
 Jul 19th, 2006
It was a message saying to call back another #
 Jul 18th, 2006