Recognized the number from before - picked up, hung up.
JC again
 Apr 28th, 2011
Unsolicited call wanting to update my free business listing. Verified info then put me through to a 'quality control supervisor' who wanted to verify and record everything, but then spoke over a key part of the recording so I could not hear what it said. I suspect it said I authorized them to charge my phone account. Said I did not want their service and hung up. Caller ID said Pennsylvania, but the callers had oriental accents and were clearly calling from a boiler room operation based on the noise in the background.
 Apr 21st, 2011
silence on other end
 Apr 16th, 2011
Called office; of course no one there. Called back from our fax line, blocking # - "call cannot be completed as dialed". Now PA is getting into the scam/phish/robocall biz? Just another one to hang up on!
 Apr 15th, 2011
RW: The TCPA allows a daily 13 hour call window beginning at 08:00 in your time zone.
 Apr 08th, 2011
I have been getting a call from this number.I am on both no call lists & the last call was at 8:37am.I thought if this is a telemaketing call,that they aren't allowed to call before 9am,besides being in violation of the "NO Call List".This area code is NOt in Pennsylvania.
 Apr 08th, 2011
They call all hours of the day--not after 9 p,m, yet !! I don't know anyone in Penn.
just who the h-is this number?
 Apr 06th, 2011
I keep getting calls from this number. Has been going on for 1.5 weeks. No one talks on the other end no matter how long I wait. Do not know who they are nor will I pay to find out. Have reported them to the FCC
AR Traveler
 Apr 04th, 2011
Has called two or three times a day, hangs up. Finally blocked the number and they still call two or three times a day. Anyone know who this ass really is?
 Mar 31st, 2011