This call came in on my cell while I am at work! :( No message left. Ph 215-383-5679 .
This is a Junk Call!
 Nov 12th, 2014
The calle my cell phone, then left a 4 minute message of someone playing on-hold music in the background.
Chris K
 Jan 08th, 2014
Kept getting calls from the following numbers (215-383-5679) for a few months even though no one from the ph nbr left msgs on my recording. Just one call that someone left a msg - DIRECTV. Very frustrating every time someone calls and hangs on me right away. Very rude! Just want to get my ph nbr off the Directv list NOW. FYI - I cut off the Directv svcs last Jan on 1st this year. Sigh...
Jean Davis
 Nov 05th, 2013