This phone number is associated with Wells Fargo. The guy who called me belittled and insulted me. I was furious. I am on Wells Fargo's do not call list, and I was still called. They are calling to setup an American Home Shield warranty account. I understand American Home Shield is a reputable company, that is not the problem. The guy that called me spoke very fast and was vague about his intentions. The more I questioned him, the more upset he got. He basically wanted me to verify my address so he could sign me up for an American Home Shield account. Which he ended up doing without my permission. I was not allowed to talk to anyone at Wells Fargo, that would give me any answers. I was told someone from Wells Fargo would call me back or send me a letter in the mail.

This was a random call to my home, which caused me ALOT of misery.

Patricia in Louisiana
 Apr 23rd, 2010
I received repeated calls with no message. Comes up as Wells Fargo. They called me repeatedly using this number and 800-735-0824 - or at least the pattern is the same. I answered once and they identified themselves as Wachovia and tried to sell me insurance. I said I had no relationship with Wachovia and I'm on the do-not-call list, they switched and said they were Wells Fargo. I let them start their spiel and tell me that they were recording the call, then told them definitely I didn't want the insurance. That seems to have intensified rather than stopped their efforts.
 Apr 16th, 2010
no message left
 Apr 11th, 2010
Have no clue who this is
 Apr 08th, 2010