This is a telemarketer calling for the police. A friend who is a cop said do not donate through them because the police get very little of what they collect. You are better off donating directly. Also, even when I tell them I have been unemployed since May they still persist trying to get me to commit to an amount to donate. I tell them sent a form and I'll do what I can. I never get anything in the mail!!!
 Sep 17th, 2013
I live in Bucks County & my phone number is 215-343-xxxx. These scammers are spoofing local phone #'s. They know they're breaking the law because they were in a big hurry to get off the phone when I started my tirade!
 Dec 08th, 2011
There is no such organization as 'Bucks County Police.' (although the police in the Mel Gibson movie, 'Signs' did have sleeve badges that said Buck County Police) The police go by townships or towns, the county has a sheriff's department. They always hang up without leaving a message anyway. Probably a fund-raiser, but I'm on the do not call list.
 May 03rd, 2010