My caller ID says they called THREE times on November 2!
 Nov 11th, 2012 answer, no person, no luck with their (call block, option 1).

I called and emailed Coretel. They supply this "telecom service". Although it's not their fault if "Electric Bill" doesn't properly use the service they provide.

Call Coretel at 866.744.3652, option 0 (not 1 or 2).
or email and they will take care of it.
Solution Here
 Nov 09th, 2012
Nothing Stops these Jerks from Calling Several times a day-----They are the WORST Electrical Supplier Company YET!!!!They need to be jailed AND FINED $20,000 for each call.......If they are simple ROBO Dialing why do they call the same Numbers EVERY SINGLE DAY 2 to 3x's a day? No one can find out exactly what company they are looks like....I report EVERY single call and so should everyone else so the people on the Do Not call Website understand EXACTLY what kind of problem they are!
Pissed too
 Nov 08th, 2012
This company is calling me upto 5 tiems a day. I report them to the do not call list as well as to the FCC and FTC this is Harrasement and I will treat ithem as shuc. I have enough.
 Nov 03rd, 2012
These idiots call every single day more than one time and I have them blocked. I hear they are going to make these spammings from Telemarketers a Felony and charge them $20,000 for each call but if these are spoofed numbers how are they going to catch them? Do Not Call list does no good in these cases! They are SELLERS of Energy.....That makes these Telemarketing Calls!! I still report EVERY call for all the good it does!
 Oct 31st, 2012