I recive several calls per day. My phone is unable to block them because they show up a "unknown" on my caller ID. Through my provider there is no way to trace from where the call originated. I get at least 5-10 calls each day. I just hit ignore. I reported this number to the FCC to see if they can trace this call. I have had a very serious prank call that turned out to be a recording and it sounded like one of my daughters was being murdered. I'm not implying it was these guys but why would anyone call "unknown". For them to do that, they had to block my number from their phone first so I couldn't reverse call. I am saving all unknown calls with and without phonenumbers.. I have also been scammed out of $300. with these hackers. When they call you they already have all of your personal information. including address phone numbers ss# place of employement. when I reported this to the police I recieved a phone call with filthy threats. Beware America. They are out to get you
Linda C
 May 05th, 2012