This number is a telemarketer offering to lower your interest rates - call backs are unknown number
 Jul 26th, 2012
} The government needs to make it illegal to fake Caller IDs

Victim: ''The government'' is ahead of you by three years. The Truth In Caller ID Act was signed by the Prez just before Xmas 2010. It bans CID spoofing when done with ''intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value''.

Excess call abandonment from the use of autodialers has been prohibited for even longer.
''Telemarketers must ensure that predictive dialers abandon no more than three percent of all calls placed and answered by a person. A call will be considered ''abandoned'' if it is not transferred to a live sales agent within two seconds of the recipient's greeting.''

If you're thwarted by an online complaint form, nothing is stopping you from writing directly to the FTC and your state AG about those violative calls. That kind of action will help them round up the remaining credit reprice scammers which have thus far eluded prosecution.
 Jul 21st, 2012
I received a call from this number yesterday morning. When I picked up the phone and said "hello," the other end was silent. After saying "hello" for a few times and still didn't get a response, I gave up and hang up. When I called the line using the number showing on my Caller ID display, I got the follwing message: "Sorry, the number you have reached is not in service. Please check the number and dial again." Apparently, this is a fake number. I am on the national DO NOT CALL list, but I can't file a complaint against a number that does not exist! The government needs to make it illegal to fake Caller IDs. Otherwise, the DO NOT CALL registry is just useless.
 Jul 21st, 2012
call from credit card services.. same message as at least six other calls.. hung up when i asked to be taken off the list.. i have no credit cards
 Jul 19th, 2012