Just received a call from this number. Woman with very heavy accent told me I could get Verizon for my television, phone and internet for $90. a month also all the movie channels free for 1 year, and a $100. gift card. After she said all this, she asked if I currently had Verizon or Cox cable, I told her I already had Verizon, she asked if I knew of anyone looking for Verizon cable, I said, no, I did not know of anyone. The witch then hung up on me..............Beware of calls like these, they're 99% scam............
Maddy RI
 Sep 30th, 2015
I get so many spoofed calls, who else is getting this? I have no late bills. So this is clearly spoofing or scam artist. Placing this number up cause no one else has.
 Sep 28th, 2015