NEVER PICK UP YOUR TELEPHONE ON THESE PEOPLE..These people are con-artists...
 Dec 30th, 2010
CAUTION: network of thieves and very slick

i started getting calls like this after i went to the police about my mail-thief hacker housemate. police are useless (or worse). i then went to the landlord and got the landlord involved and my "roomie" had to shut down his server, couldn't pay the rent, and had to move. he had been leasing a new luxury car each month, went on carribean cruises, never worked, and never had any money; only stolen credit. if i wasn't broke from

I have good information about this operation, but the police aren't any good for anything except busting black kids (try coaching on the other side of the tracks in the city and you'll quickly find out what i mean, and i'm not even black).

good luck
 Aug 07th, 2010
They phone several times a day. Have since blocked the number.
 Jul 19th, 2010
San Jose Mercury new soliciting news paper subscribtions
 Jul 14th, 2010
Call went to voicemail, no message left
 Jun 29th, 2010
Called a number I do not share just after 0830. No messege left.
 Feb 23rd, 2010
This person called my phone said he was from the Bergen Record and asked if this was my home or place of business.
Ready Red
 Jan 29th, 2010
The reports are that this is AC Press solicitation, but they never talk, just hang up. It you call it back, it rings long, then goes to Verizon Wireless Caller is not available.
 Jan 29th, 2010