He sounded like a Middle Eastern accent, could be Nigerian, Indian, Parkistan. I could't understand what the hell is he talking about, except for he said that he is from the irs. He didn't even pronounce his "so-called name" correctly nor the phone number. Look out people!!! This is one of the pathetic loser looking to steal people's passwords, personal information, bank accounts, and have no shame of keep destroying others lives. I verified w/ the irs and the agent said that irs will not call anyone. Irs will contact the taxpayer by mail. Please watch TV shows such as CNBC for more cyber and telecom scams to familiarize with their tricks. If u have a solid evidence, please report these "unknown callers" who are scheming people to the FBI, and share it on TV, you tube, face book, etc, so we all can be aware.
 Feb 20th, 2014