214-766-9168 is an unscrupulous RV reseller loan shark bad credit loan company located at RVPlaceUSA.com. They post Ads all over on Craigslist, in dozens of different cities, all with the same RV's in the For Sale By Owner section and offering to refinance the RV's for new buyers, except they are NOT a For Sale By Owner. They are a For Sale By Dealer, as they are company that if you have bad credit, they will offer to get you financed at a higher interest rate than most banks offer, all while taking a huge cut of the sale. While that's technically not illegal, their methods of advertising IS illegal and constitutes Misrepresentation, as they are claiming to be individual sellers, whereas they are actually a DEALER and should be listing their ads in the For Sale By Dealer section like they are required to do per the Craigslist Terms Of Use. Also, most of the pictures they post with the RV ads are Stock Photos and NOT the actual photos of the RV itself. If you deal with this company, just make sure you do your homework and research them thoroughly before signing anything. They also have numerous complaints filed against them on RipOffReport.com, Scambook.com, ComplaintSeeker.com, not to mention that they hide their business DNS info behind a proxy company and are supposedly located in Scottsdale, Arizona even though they have a Texas phone number.
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 Jan 08th, 2014