Annoying! Now identified as rogue "investment" boiler room. Good riddance.
 Jun 01st, 2015
They told me they were an oil and gas company. I assumed that meant they were trying to recruit me since I'm an engineer currently working in the industry. So I started saying that I wasn't interested in a new job (at least in this god forsaken industry). But actually no - as soon as they realized I knew something about the industry, they stopped the pitch and hung up rather abruptly. I take that to mean that they're only interested in finding investors who can have the wool pulled over their eyes. I thought they meant crude oil, but I guess they're really selling snake oil!
Snake Oil
 Jun 04th, 2013
So sick of these people calling. Stop wasting my time. Some of us have things to do other than answer the phone constantly due to telemarketers.
Hate Marketers
 Aug 16th, 2012
These guys get worse and worse everyday... the calls are getting more frequent. Just got call from another energy group from same exact location on map. Returned call on another phone and sounded like a receptionist answered. She said her name was Rose. Whatever the case, wish could block these guys, but my old cell cant. 3 am recording all numbers of these idiots for fun purposes later. Get creative people... start calling them back and soliciting things to Jo-Bob Widgets or something. Seems they want your money... why cant we ask for theirs?
 Jan 11th, 2011