Telemarketer, preying on senior citizens. They called too much here and would not stop their persistent calls so they got added to the Call Block list. Call away now, dillweeds!
 Apr 04th, 2012
Robo-call recording claims "Senior Benefits" offers free emergency alert system.

After several minutes wait, transferred to a "national call center". When I asked, Telemarketer said it was named "Safe LIne" but refused to provide its location, callback telephone number or any other information unless I told her my name. Telemarketer hung up after I repeatedly insisted on more information.

Of course, my telephone number has been on the national Do Not Call list for a long time and, of course, I have no previous relationship with the telemarketer or its client and, of course, I have never requested to be contacted by them.
Not Buying It
 Mar 29th, 2012
Telemarketing aimed at senior citizens. Bugger off, asswipes!
 Mar 28th, 2012
Called went to answering machine no message left.
Paul Z
 Mar 27th, 2012