Got a call today and the gentleman on the other end asked if this was my company .he couldn't pronounce it very good. I said yes he asked my name. I told him he repeated it back with some other name. I said I don't have time for a telemarketer call he said I'm not a telemarketer ,I. Said really how come I can hear everybody else in the background. He said hey I don't need S..t from you man , I said then why did you call me then. He stuttered for a moment and hung up. The start of an excellent day !!!! I love it...
 Mar 07th, 2014
I got a call too and the guys name was Chris. He was polite and extremely professional. Let me know that all was well in the world and that I should have a pleasant afternoon. We ended the call and I made some lemonade.
Sally Smith
 Feb 25th, 2014
This person called my office and asked to talk to someone about "contracts". I asked him in what regard, and he said "let me talk to someone". I said you can talk to me, and he hung up on me. He called back several hours later and asked to talk to someone about "brick". I said no one was here, and he said "there's no one I can talk to" and I said "you can talk to me" and he said " oh really, I can talk to you?" and he hung up again. I called him back and told him not to call the office any more, and he has called 10 times in the last 5 minutes just to hang up. When he called back it is now not showing a number, only displays "number not available."
Susan Bentley
 Feb 18th, 2014
Man left a message "this is Chris, call me"
 Dec 07th, 2013
Guy left a message "This is Chris. Call me at 214-716-0410"
 Dec 05th, 2013