A male caller named "John Diaz" (heavy Middle Eastern accent) asked to speak to the CEO (however, he did not ask for the CEO by name). He wanted to set up an appointment on behalf of Mr. "Chadd [sic] Rosenfeld" with my company's CEO. When pressed for the name of the company or if I could take a message on my CEO's behalf, "John Diaz" declined and said he would try back later. Redialed and rang twice before rapid busy signal. Vitelity is the VoIP provider; unsure if that is the company that actually called.
Dallas business
 Jun 26th, 2013
Only the number shows up on the caller ID. They Call Multiple times a day and leave blank messages in our voicemail. They have been doing this for over a month. I am filing a complaint with the FTC.
Dogass Tired
 Dec 07th, 2012