Any boss who terminates people for collection calls needs a dope slap to understand that such calls are not ''personal''. They are made precisely to apply pressure and false shame, and frequently beyond the control of any given employee. If your job is at risk, show your superiors the FBI warnings and the ridiculous number of complaints on various forums discussing this issue.

This likely is yet another of the fake payday loan collectors calling from overseas. This scam has gone on for years and has grown in popularity with Indian and Pakistani criminal boiler rooms. Just as in American debt collection agencies, reps are trained to regard everyone they call as a liar and deserving punishment. Their often absurd threats are empty and their rude tactics are illegal under federal law, the FDCPA. Do not believe their lies, do not argue with them, do not comply with their extortionist demands. Show them you know you have rights they are trampling.

Debt is a civil and not a criminal matter. No matter what you are told, no one is coming to arrest you, and you will not be jailed. There is no valid debt claim and no court order to seize your assets. You need not pay a red cent in ''settlement'' to make their inflicted pain go away. (Really, if they were that sure of your liability, wouldn't they simply hire a lawyer near you to sue for the full amount plus interest?) You will note these often barely intelligible bullies have a laughably poor understanding of American legal procedure. Their hope is that you are just as ignorant.

Try demanding a mailing address and a full business name. If the caller fudges his answer and you cannot verify it, it's likely a PDL sham. Challenge their horse puckey threats; they often make rude remarks and hang up. As the bullies like to hassle people at workplaces, advise your employers and coworkers these calls are garbage and not within your personal control.

The usual response to such a runaway debt collector stateside is to send a cease-comm letter and file suit. If you find a valid US address, please do so. Fierce consumer lawyers will leap at the chance to run such a case on contingency. However, being mostly outside U.S. borders and having no discernable addresses, these particular criminals rarely make it possible for individuals to punish them.

Follow this link for a payday loan scam primer:

See discussions here on WCU for these numbers: 704-200-9909, 559-823-5337, 813-441-0108, 443-451-3816, 496-656-7520
Mystery call site 800Notes is thick with complaints in the thousands on this issue.

When you're done studying, make some noise ...

- Submit complaints to the FTC and state attorneys general.
- Send word to the FBI via the Internet Crime Complaint Center:
- The Secret Service might also like to hear from you, per its mandate to investigate all sorts of financial and electronic fraud:

Learn how to exercise your rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot gov. The more you know of illegal practices, the faster you will sniff out the fraudsters.
 Sep 14th, 2011
Received a call saying they are taking legal action against me and I need to return their call, foreign accent, middle eastern, hard to understand. They have called numerous times and I lost my prior job because of these calls. Not sure what to do.
Judy Carey
 Sep 13th, 2011