724-624-8258 -aka- 866-909-8910 -aka- 866-959-1922 -aka- 214-442-1700 just called our business. It was clearly a cold call, as we were not familiar with them prior to this call, nor did we ever search them out as we're very happy with our current credit card processor and will not changing anytime soon. When our secretary answered the phone, she was greeted with a male voice that screamed "You Suck!", and then hung up on her. After being informed of what just happened and then listening to the recorded call, I, the owner, then proceeded to call the number back. After three rings I got a prerecorded message describing their company and the services they supposedly provide. Upon pressing a button to speak to someone, the call immediately disconnected. I then tried to call the number back, went through the prerecorded message again, pressed a different number this time, and was disconnected once more. Upon looking up the number, we found out a lot of info on them. These people are scumbags with complaints all over the place. Encore Payment Systems, LLC, 3801 Arapaho Rd, Addison, TX 75001-4314, They are known as Encore Payment Services -aka- Encore Payment Systems -aka- Prodigy Payment Systems -aka- Momentum Payment Systems -aka- EVO Payments -aka- MOCA Payment Systems -aka- Merchant Services. They are a direct processor with HSBC Bank, uses Chase Paymentech for a processor, and is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank AG, New York. Any further received calls from this company WILL result in us filing formal complaints with the BBB, the website, as well as with the Attorney General's Office in Addison, TX for harassment.
Not Important
 Jun 24th, 2015
Hangs up when you answer, will not leave a message. Robocall, phishing scam for credit card numbers, ostensibly to provide "collection services" to businesses, not a creditor and not a collector. Encore Payment Systems (Texas?) is the front name.
Steven Tory
 Feb 18th, 2014
call and leave no message. mine and my husband's cell phone both. irritating!
 Sep 10th, 2012
Talked to Kevin Lewis, and later supervisor Tommy Jones.

They start off very slick: Hey, I talked to mrs. So-and-So there in your town, and she said you were accepting credit cards. Huh? Mrs.. who? You are just making up this person, so that I may think that we have a mutual friend. Nice try buster. They want you to switch credit card processors.

They said their name is Encore payment systems (located in Addison, TX)

See the flashy website or when you got lured to doing business with them, see what the Better Business Bureau thinks of them.

NUMEROUS ripoff reports have been filed against them by both salesmen and merchants! Just do a search on for Encore Payment Systems

Asked for name and number (they gave me 214-442-1700).

Supervisor Tommy Jones (yello, what is the problem??)said he would be glad to put us on his do-not-call-list. After I insisted we were on the national do-not call list, he said he had more important things to do than to check that list. When I said I was surprised that he had more important things to do than to obey the law, he re-phrased, and stated he had never heard of the national do not call list.

Yeah right. You are a Crook sir. Reported them to
 Apr 25th, 2011
they call and don't leave a message
 Sep 26th, 2008
I was cruising CareerBuilder for a job and happened across a listing for employment in my area that sounded great. I was intentionally avoiding job listings that said their location was "Nationwide" because I knew these were job listings that were either a pyramid or a scam in one way or another, like stuffing envelopes for $147 a day, and others... But anyway, I found this listing that caught my eye because it was located within 3 miles of my home in a plaza with other reputable businesses. Upon answering the listing and applying for the position, I was called by a man named Joshua that claimed to be from Prodigy Payment Solutions. I thought that he called me rather quickly after I applied. It seemed as though he wanted to conduct the interview right then and there... I was at home, it was almost dinner time.. anywho, I rescheduled the call for the next morning.. and then after dinner did some research. Ofcourse the first thing that Google came up with was an article posted on a website called it seems as though there are at least three ex-employees that had negative things to say about how this company operates.. I will research more... and let you know.
 May 29th, 2008
I ignored the call. I don't know who it is, maybe a creditor?
 Apr 14th, 2007
Corporate Headquarters
Encore Payment Systems
3801 Arapaho Road
Addison, Texas 75001
Local: 214.442.1700
Toll Free: 866.909.8910
Local Fax: 214.442.1701
Toll Free Fax: 866.909.8911
 Nov 17th, 2006