Received the call from 214-396-5554. Left a voicemail stating this was the last courtesy call re our conversation from last week. She mentioned something about lowering my APR rate down to 1.5% on one of my credit cards. She said to call back at 1 877-828-7254. I called and talked to a lady named "sonja" and she was stumbling all over her words and wasn't very professional. I told her I never talked to her or anyone last week and then she said it must have been someone else I talked to, then she cut me off when I was going to repeat the fact I never spoke with anyone. She wanted to know my credit limit and what the carrier was etc, etc. I asked where she got my number and she stated major credit card companies send them information to help ppl lower their percentage rates if it's above 10%. She wanted me to call back tomorrow with accurate information as to how much I still owe and what the APR is since she was just leaving for the day. I asked if the 877 number was a good one to call back, she said yes, but then told me her extension was 1013. I called my credit card company and they said it was a scam. Of course I'm not calling them back but if she calls me I may not be so nice. BBB's website says it's a scam too.
 Sep 24th, 2012