I received a call from this number, asking for 'Richard-----' and they have a claim against me using my social security number and drivers licence number blah blah. I returned the call stating there was no Richard -----, but there is a R---- ----- is that who you are looking for. "Yes we have a claim against R---- & J-------- ------"
"Um ok so you have a claim against both of us connected to his DL & SSN BUT you are using calling and using the wrong name. How is it connected to his DL or SSN which both have his correct info?"
"Well goodbye maam. goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye" and then hung up on me.
 Nov 14th, 2013
He spoke very quickly on my voicemail, said I had 24 hours to return his call....that's all he said, didn't even say his name. He did say he was from CRS..........? WHATEVER.
 Oct 07th, 2013
He said he was calling from CRS and I asked what CRS is but he wouldnt tell me. The caller stated we have the SSN, address and Driver's License number so they will just pursue their claim without talking to XXX.
 Oct 03rd, 2013
Got a voicemail on my cell. Caller claimed to be Mr. Hillman from CRS. They "actually" have a complaint against me filed in their office attached to my SSN and I need to call them back within 24 hours. Yeah, right! He did not claim this was a debt collector and did not give any of the disclosures required of legitimate debt collectors, so don't know what the endgame was.
No Way
 Aug 12th, 2013
First of all, they had the wrong number. "The Office of Marty Jamieson" left a voicemail telling whoever they were looking for that someone filled on them and they needed to return the call by 5pm. Very rude and speaks very fast! Lots of information for a wrong number!
Sounded like a bunch of Bulls**T to me!
 Apr 17th, 2013