This Gary Baker really gets around, calling for Ferrel's firm and Pleviak _and_ Ameriquest. (See 800-392-6003) There is a Gary Baker of Crescent Bay Financial who publishes an industry newsletter. Are collectors borrowing his name as an inside joke alias? In theory they may share accounts as well as a phantom rep's name.
 Oct 24th, 2010
Thank you resident47, I appreciate your response. I mean really wouldn't they have needed to show up at my 341 hearing to dispute the debt. I even logged into the checkngo website and it show a zero balance. I doubt it will, but if something happens, I'll post back....
 Oct 10th, 2010
You all may want to see parallel discussion under these number threads: 559-823-5337, 813-441-0108
 Oct 10th, 2010
cgard: I saw your discussion on Debt Consolidation Care as well. The objection handling of this so-called lawyer is a bizarre snow job. They hope you're dumb as a brick and too scared by quasi-legal language to resist. The moment you informed them you had legal counsel, that should have ended the phone call if I read the FDCPA correctly. Never mind this other crap about an affidavit, or your having retained the "wrong" kind of lawyer. What a laughable statement. Debt falls under tort law, you ninnies. Fat chance they have of suing you for discharged debt, and they know it, hence these absurd spook tactics.
 Oct 10th, 2010
I got a call from this number from Gary Baker, it was a voicemail. When I called back, an Adam Pleviak answered the phone and said he was Finch, Pleviak and Associates and that they were working with the Attorney General's office in Wisconsin and an "Affidavit" against me on Monday at 10:00. I informed him that my debt with Check n Go had been discharged in my bankruptcy, he said well that makes no sense, maybe Gary was calling you to help you. I said help me how? Are you trying to collect money and he said no, but he could fill out a stop action form and talk to the attorneys and tell them my side of the story. The attorney being a Steven (Steve/Stephan/Stephen Finch) out of Dallas Texas and that they could work a possible settlement. Sounds to me like he was a debt collector and was trying to get around the fact that I had filed bankruptcy. He said that my closing my checking account was a federal white collar crime and the funds were considered stolen. When I asked him to send me something in writing, he stated he couldn't. When I asked him to talk to my attorney, he said he couldn't because I had a bankruptcy lawyer and not a criminal one. Opinions? When I asked who the contact was at the Attorney General's office in Wisconsin was, he gave me the name of the actual Attorney General. Wouldn't the person "handling" this be lower down than that? Also, Why would the Wisconsin Attorney General be involved in a "federal" matter?
 Oct 09th, 2010
Variant spellings of the name (Ferrell, Farrell) are not helping either, not at least in five minutes of search runs. Oddly enough, a "Farrell Law Group" in Kansas City purports to handle both sides, creditors and debtors.

These clowns don't have the proof and aren't serving you anywhere, unless they want a countersuit. Might even be another flavor of the faux payday loan scam now going around.
 Oct 08th, 2010
Today he left another message Gary Baker, I called the number back he answer how can I help you, I ask who is this? He said Gary Baker, I asked what company is he with he said Ferrell & Ferrell Law Group, I asked where are you calling from and he said Dallas, TX, I said really? I stated that I was recording this conversation. What is this in regards to, he got very irritated wouldn't tell what it was about. I told him to stop calling me and to send it to me in writing. He said listen knew where I was and he would do one better he was gonna have me served at my place of employment to embarrass me. Oh goody. I can't find any info on this company, the number doesn't come up anywhere, probably using a jumper number.....but I can't verify to send a letter for cease and decist
 Oct 07th, 2010
"Hmmm", indeed .... That sounds close to posing as law enforcement or making legal threats, which third party collectors cannot do. Coming from debtor-friendly Texas, you'd think the collector would know better. Learn your FDCPA rights at FTC-dot-gov.
 Oct 07th, 2010
I know its a bill collector, but he doesn't identify his company, just that I am included in a FEDERAL statewide investigation. Things that make you go humm.....
 Oct 06th, 2010