I let my id machine pick this one up too. I don't know who C T M S is. I typed it exactly how it came up on my id machine with a space between each letter. They won't leave a message. I suspect that the number which shows to be a Dallas phone number probably is connected to an overseas phone number as is 99% of most of these type of calls, especially when they won't leave a message on a persons answer machine to call them back. I don't answer unknown names and numbers. If a person calls me and don't leave me a message, then the call wasn't important enough for me to have answered in the first place. They "WILL" get tire of calling because all they will ever get is an answer machine. I can wait it out longer than they can. I will just ignore it when I see it is a worthless call and go about my business. I've learned to do that in all the years I have gotten crap calls from worthless people trying to rip people off.
Thank the LORD for giving someone the brains to create id machines!
 Jul 04th, 2007