I am so sick of these numbers calling and not taking me off their list. they call and call and call and call. I have this Michigan number call relentlessly for the entire month 269-768-2640, also these numbers new hampshire 603-214-3648 202-495-7170 Dist Columbia 978-570-2070 Massachuetts.

Every time you get a call call the FTC the number is 1-877-382-4357. keep your reference number, and every time these scammers call you, call the ftc, be stern, be belligerent, let the FTC know you want these calls to stop and have these so called companies shut down for good. The more people call the FTC to report these numbers, the faster it will result in fines and shut downs.

Call the FTC demand these numbers be nixed.

I am all for a lawsuit at this point, these calls have been going on for a month straight and they will not remove my number from their lists. I'm also very upset that Candians cannot register for the USA's do not call lists, if the table was turned, the US government would be having a fit with Canada over this, we Canadians will only be nice for so long.
call the ftc
 Jul 20th, 2009
First they called on 214-269-3646, so I added # to my call block, now they called on (214) 269-3648
(1:13pm est on thu)
bob thomas GA
 Aug 16th, 2007
added this # to my call block, now they are calling on 214-269-3648.
called at 1:13pm EST on Thu
bob thomas GA
 Aug 16th, 2007