I also recieved calls from this number and a 214-257-4180 which is located out of Texas! I spoke with an Ashley Phillips, Steven Langley and Christopher Baker. I asked whine the debt was owed to and told AdvanceAmerica.net and also given an amout I owed which was outragoues for a pay day loan! I kept asking questions while I looked up the AdvanceAmerica.net which gives a scam alert on their website and a number to call and report them! I informed them it was against the law for them to threaten with charges such as felony charges for any past due debt and was quickly hung up on by Ashley! AdvanceAmerica.net gave me a number to report them to it's 877-382-4357 they will take all of your info and I also called our local law enforcement as well!!! It is infact a scam!
 Jul 21st, 2014