This number repeatedly calls our house, but we don't answer. Today they called three times in about five minutes right around 5:30. Finally annoyed I picked up, and the woman asked for my Mr. or Mrs. (my husband or me.) I told her they didn't live here. She asked if I was the home owner, I told her no and that I wasn't interested. I then hung up on her. Apparently this number has been associated with an identity theft scam claiming to help homeowners become eligible for some sort of government stimulus for making their house more energy efficient. Since I didn't get into a conversation with the caller, I don't know what they wanted from me. But if these are just telemarketers, they should not call anyone on the DNC list, which we are.
 Aug 06th, 2013
they don't try on my google number, only call on my dedicated work phone. BUMMER ... makes me lose money!!
 May 28th, 2013