Don't just file a "no call" complaint. This is my 2nd. I've never heard back from them. (Probably like the FDA... funding has been gutted and diverted elsewhere by our current administration.) It pales in comparison to lead-painted toys/ poison pet food, but I've been home sick all week, 102 fever, sore throat... -- and they keep calling. I called them and was told someone tapped into their phones, making the calls. Google Dataside. They provide hi-security/ hi-tech networking solutions and office space for telecommunication, internet... companies, you know, like computer- generated phone solicitors. They are inept morons if in that business and can't figure out who is using their phone lines. I suspect they or one of their customers are making the calls -- and they know it.
Call, harass them back. Keep their phones tied up. Call the Dallas BBB. I worked 25+ years in social services/consumer protection. Most of these calls come from Texas and Florida -- because they harbor/protect them. (Texas has also long been known as the "deadbeat dad" state, where you go to avoid paying child support.)
Call Texas legislators and complain re: their protecting these parasites. Call your state's attorney general. They often will more aggressively pursue this than the FTC's no-call registry. CEO of Dataside is James deVenny, home phone 972-931-2556, says he no longer works there (not what the internet/ his office voice-mail say) and they only deal with building space, nothing with phones/ internet/ computer systems -- not at all what their website says.
Gail in Oregon
 Apr 04th, 2008
Same story here, once last week on one number, once today on another number I own. Same b.s. about reducing credit card interest rates. Both times I pressed 9 to talk to a human and once it connected, I said I'd like more information about your company. Both times, I was immediately hung up on. I wonder if that's because they are totally violating the do not call list rules, as all of my number have been on the lists for years. I'm filing complaints with both the FCC and my local Attorney General. You should too.
 Dec 06th, 2007
A recorded message about credit assistance or some garbage like that. Hit the response to talk to (bitch out) a live person, but was disconnected anyway. Tried to *69 the call, but the service wouldn't call the number, (thanks a pant-load AT&T) and wouldn't give me the number.

So I wrote down the time of the call and waited for the next phone bill, and voila! there was the number. Why the hell AT&T couldn't just give me the damn number right then is beyond me, except that they are idiots who are being paid off by telemarketing scum.

Once I had the number I called it and got the company name- Dataside, formerly Colocation Solutions, of Texas.
 Nov 12th, 2007