The called and asked for my boss, I asked to be taken off the call list. Was told there wasn't a calling list and that they'd call his cell phone. I told her ya, you do that...good luck. He will not be nearly as nice as I am.
 Apr 29th, 2009
i told them not to cal and they keep calling. 10 calls in 5 minutes. i've reported them let's see what happens.
 Apr 28th, 2009
These folks call and call, time wasters!
 Mar 23rd, 2009
Here's their website. Personal financial issues my ass! I called & got the 'general voice mail' & told them to STOP calling here that they used BS sales tactics & to remove us from their call lists. I have them marked on caller ID to IGNORE!!!
 Mar 09th, 2009
Yep, I AM the only one reporting this number. Today a 'friendly' female called. After dragging information out of her she said it was a 'personal call regarding finances'. I told her to stop calling here & hung up.
These guys are desperate for business! Probably another Oil & Gas Opportunity!!!
 Mar 09th, 2009
Geez, am I the only one getting these calls? they ask for my boss, then say they will call back & hang up quickly. They always catch me when I'm relaly busy & don't have the time to screw with them. I call back & no one ever answers
 Dec 17th, 2008
Tier-One Converged Networks Inc., Tierone Converged Networks Inc
350 N Saint Paul St
Dallas, TX 75201
They also call from 8626, 8632. When I call back the phone never answers.
 Nov 10th, 2008
Left no message. I called back & it rang off the wall.
 Nov 10th, 2008