I came back from break today and had an email from a person who I work with. The email subject was "weird call" and stated...
"Hello Alison,

I returned to my desk and someone was calling me directly and was asking to speak with you. I asked them the name which is Andreanette but when I asked her where she was calling from she said San Diego. The number was unavailable and I asked what it was regarding and she just said it was urgent. She would not tell me any more info then her name and number which is 213-833-2419.".

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Completely rediculous!
 Aug 27th, 2013
They are called Credit Corps Solutions. They use unprofessional, snake-like business practices---they will consistently call your place of business, your prviate home/cell numbers--even after being told they do not have permission or my authority to do so, they will also call your family and friends to harrass you and they also go as far as to say
 Feb 15th, 2013