We keep getting calls from a small town in Michigan from phone numbers that have the phone provider Lucre, Inc. The latest was from (213) 732-2944. Message states there is "nothing wrong with your credit card, but to stay on the line and press #1 to learn how to lower your interest rates." I pressed #1 so I could get a human to tell them to take this number off their list since it is a business. No human came on the line. When you press #1, the phone hangs up. Every day' it's either a phone (scam) call about a credit card or a mortgage. I've reported the numbers to Scott with Lucre, Inc. at 616-361-0128. The first call I got last week, asked me to press #1 and I did and actually got a human that time. Well, it sounded like a 15 year old girl who giggled madly and slammed the phone down when I told her it was a business and to please take us off of their calling list. Seems like a bunch of bad teenagers trying to do a scam. Did not sound like a real company.
 Jun 08th, 2009